Money laundering Iraqi and Iranian in Kuwait

The source said the intelligence information provided to Kuwait, the include entry and arrivals of the dual Iraqi and Iranian to Kuwait legally, but they carry large amounts of the Iraqi dinar and Altoman Iran, where they replace these currencies Kuwait's currency, and return them back to their home countries, according to newspaper reports, Kuwait.

The source pointed out that the internal security apparatus represented in the state notified the General Administration of Customs of the issue and requested the security check with the departures and arrivals and the confiscation of any money they have, especially if they are above average allowed and referred to the competent authorities for investigation.

To the customs source said that the internal instructions issued by the state security apparatus began to come into force, stressing that the customs in the port, airport and sea ports and land confiscated large quantities of contraband with the people they are to be replaced or have already converted to the currency of Kuwait.