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    Default Fear of Failure delaying RV?

    He's at it again with his bizarre theories.

    Family: It is distressing to see antagonist posting they believe in a lop. This is how they get their Kicks. Sure we have all been built up to hope that the RV that is going to take place someday was to be immediately. None of us can explain why Al Shabibi has not "pulled the Trigger" nor can we predict when the event will happen. BUT, the one thing you can be sure of Al Shabibi has not been sacrificing the economy of Iraq removing all the 3 zero notes only to lop. The plan as explained by the CBI in press releases in 2008 to raise the value of the Dinar to at least a Pre Saddam level by shrinking the amount of currency in circulation. This controls inflation and has cut inflation by 50% in 2008 to a less than 7% level. Lopping is only to be used to cut or lower hyper inflation that occurs when there is too much money in circulation. Lopping only provides temporary relief as has been demonstrated in numerous countries over the last 20 years. NONE of these conditions exist in Iraq today. Al Shabibi has boldly and brilliantly effected a plan to accomplish the goal of raising three zeros by removing the bills from circulation. It will be counter productive at this time to even consider a lop. There will be no lop and the lop is not REVENUE NEUTRAL IF YOU ARE HOLDING DINAR OUTSIDE OF THE COUNTRY REGARDLESS OF WHAT THE INCOMPETANTS WOULD LIKE YOU TO BELIEVE. The goal has been "shrink the amount of currency in circulation" , raise the value of the dinar to at least pre-Saddam levels of $3.37. The hold up on the RV which has been the goal, is of fear of failure @ the CBI and unknown agreements that have not been disclosed by the US Government and Iraqi Politicions. Keep the faith, the RV will happen after the agreements are forefilled. What was Hillary doing in Iraq last week? Why was Obama in Iraq before he was elected to the Presidency, Why did he ask them not to do anything until he took office? There is some unknown condition that has been set in place for political benefit and you can be sure it will not be in the benefit of either the Iraqi people nor the US citizen. NO lop talk as it will only discourage the Faith Keepers as that is the goal of the Naysayers. Most of these people that spout this kind of rheteric do not own any Dinar or they only hold a few thousand. They should be barred from the forum as they do not have in mind any good interest for the forum members. GenerationX
    Judging from his prediction record Genx obviously has no fear of failure!

    Hillary was in Iraq because she is the new Secretary of State. She was also in many countries around the world to introduce herself.

    Obama asking them to do nothing had everything to do with the military and nothing to do with the RV.

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    lol...i wonder why he keeps predicting when the RV will happen when in his own words he says none of us can explain why Al Shabibi has not pulled the trigger nor can we PREDICT when it will happen....well.....hello...stop giving a date

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