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    Default We've Heard This Before

    Poor Frankie is feeling down so he says he's retiring from intel. Didn't he say he was going to stop giving intel By February 1st? Does this mean he will still apologize publicly if it doesnt RV by Wednesday? Given his track record of keeping his word I'd say not.

    We were able to present data that allowed us to hit on 7 out of 7 issues and I am very proud of that.
    I still haven't seen proof of that but, even still, what about the 500 out of 500 you got wrong!?

    I had to wait until my intel revealed itself and absorb the abuse from negative people.

    Your original purpose was to do this to protect your sheeple. That was your original intent, stated by you in the basement. I guess it got too tough for you.

    I find it pointless to continue this process of sharing my intel ………when it’s very obvious that Frank26 has no control whatsoever over Shabibi’s plans.

    Forget control. You are quiting because it's now obvious to your sheeple you and your sources know nothing. Others knew this long before now.

    I mustadmit though………it does not take a high IQ to understand exactly whatShabibi is doing with his ………….IQD
    It obviously takes one higher than yours. You certainly haven't been able to figure it out.

    I love and respect my sources……..we have established a good working relationship but they can no longer tell me anything more……….than what is obvious.
    It took you long enough to firgure that out.

    They think that Frank26 has some magical words that he has not spoken to any other single soul……desperately reaching out ………for my response.Family…….there is something wrong with that.
    What did you think was going to happen when you put yourself and let others put you on a pedestal. You've hurt alot of your followers by pretending to know the "time and Date" you gave them false hope and disappointed them every time! Shame on them for continuing to listen to you but shame on you for leading them down blind alleys.

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    REITman, good post. I think Frank started out on a quest with what he thought was good intel. We all see how over the top it became. I have said all along, the part of this speculation that I really have a hard time with, is that people in real financial crisis will be drawn in, spend money they do not have (credit card or other "loans") to buy IQD expecting to get rich tomorrow. I expect we will never see a big RV at this stage in time, but hope for at least some growth in the future. IMO we are way past time that any significant RV would take place. But I would love to see 100 to 1, one day????? Bye Frank, God Bless.. Thanks for all the post REITman, good to read and glad to see you around. 67

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