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    Default A Question for Seaview!!

    hello seaview, I dont get here very often anymore, because Iam a yuppie on the skids, as it were and I have to leech my internet connection to get here ,so the bandwidth is not that great. Heres the question. You have stated that the opening for the ISX is going to be April 19th 2009. Is this something that has been etched in stone by the Iraqi Goverment, or just our hopeful thinking? We all know they are not the most dependable of people or government for getting things done in a timely manner sad but LOL. I would appreciate your views on this. As for this reval on wednesday body parts crossed, but I have crosssed them so many times my circulation is shot. Let me know thanks

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    Good Morning Benzboy.

    Yes, this is set in stone. Staff have been trained in Jordan and Bahrain over the last year or so on how to use electronic Equipment. It has been on the front page of the ISX Website for a little while. Just this morning they have changed the front page to include a Meeting on March 7th regarding regulations for Shareholders, So they have kicked the April 19th date off the front page.

    The list of the first five Companies to be uploaded is on the front page and the date they will stop manual trading. The remaining Companies will be uploaded over the next few months. There are 91 in total, so a little way to go for all of this to get done. As of right now, the timeframe to do this is not clear. But it's starting.

    As I understand it, from April 19th the electronic Companies will be trading on Sundays and the remaining Companies will trade manually on Tuesday and Thursday until all Companies are uploaded electronically. This part is still to be confirmed.

    Here is the link

    This is all systems go.

    Five Weeks, Four Days and Counting.

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    Benzboy, great to see you posting. Sorry for the temp setback. I know you will come out better than ever. Keep the faith and stay strong. Keeping you in my prayers. Maybe 09 will be our year and that new "Benz" is yours....67

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