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Thread: Rules / Tos

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    Default Rules / Tos

    1. You will have to login to the forum at least once a month to have your account active with us. If you do so, you will keep getting the email updates from us.

    2. No copies from the company back-office to this forum is allowed, including copies from to other places.

    3. No exchanging of funds is allowed outside the exchange forum.

    4. No defamation of the company or the company's partners is allowed.

    5. No forum feuds (verbal fights) between members of this forum. ....Only discussions in a civil manner is allowed. No FOUL or profane language is tolerated!!!!!!!!!!!!

    6. No posting of anyone's private information is allowed.

    7. No dual postings with the exception of a BUMP post reminding the essence of the thread(s)!

    9. If you have an issue with any of the moderators, please contact the Admin's without letting things get out of hand. It is in your own best interest that such matters are solved by us....sooner than later.

    10. Posting a thread or message unrelated to the topic discussed as a way of advertising/inserting your Url Ref. links by hijacking on all Forum threads (aka SPAMMING) will lead to direct banning for 2 weeks, the first time. There will be no warnings for this!!!!!!!! If you deliberately repeat the spamming with more than one similar/identical post on a single day itself, you will be removed and ip banned!
    Advertising on ROLClub is either by buying ads RolClub - Advertising Plans and Rates, or in the Advertising Forum, ONLY!
    No spamming or thread crashing onto others or through PMs with a program you wish to promote.

    11) All your links should be placed ONLY in your website Url from your profiles or your signature. No links on any boards! Your signature should not be blown up, or have too large spaces in it. Subject to the Admins approval, Members have maximum signature of 4-5 lines without spaces and with the exception for Moderators, they are privileged to more.

    12) Off-topic posts/threads will be moved/removed without any notice. Read the forum description.

    13) A 3 warning system implemented. 3rd is a red card, and YOU ARE OUT!!! If your offense is of the worst kind, you will get a red= ban at once.

    14) If Rolclub's teaming into some program with rest of the members, then the club's interest has precedence over your private
    interest in promoting a particular program. You are however, always welcome to join our team in such cases.

    15) Signatures / any other forum can not contain a link on RC, that Rc is doing a team work on, unless you are in the team, and work for the benefit of all members. If Rc's team has a conflict of interests with you, then its simple. RC's team overrides yours!

    16) NO - Pornographic, Racial Discrimination, Any kind of Religious Attacks on any religion or its followers, or illegal content should be posted on Rolclub. Continuation of postings of any of the above, & we will have you removed from our Database with your posting, as well as ip banned for ever.!

    17) We do not accept signature links/postings nor advertising from any competing forums.

    18) No grouping or cult mentality of members will be accepted. If you fail to respect our Rules/TOS and privacy policy, you will be removed from the forum..

    19) No praises at all. Trying to Boost a Rock Star status with controversial postings is not welcome, perform elsewhere, NOT in ROLClub Forum! This is a discussion forum for Investments Options. We will maintain it this way.

    20) Do not ask us to remove your previous/new threads, posts and accounts.. We do not delete threads / posts / accounts
    on request . When you signup to Rolclub forum, you should know that the threads and posts are Rolclub's property, and this is the way they will remain... If you have an issue with other members, you should try to solve such matters directly with them.

    21) If you spam our forum with a program, we will keep the threads as proof, and send the company full information about your
    ref.url, as you obviously promote them by spamming their name all over board, and perhaps other places, which brings bad attention to their program for which you can expect a good company to cancel your membership.

    22) Anyone posting threads regarding sales of other ppls stolen CCs and CCVs and those who respond (however innocent your post appears to show albeit as support or interact with original thief/crook selling criminal acts), YOU too will get a ban (sanctioned for a period)!!!!

    Regarding Registered Companies that spams us, you can expect to be listed by us in all forums under "SCAM", as no real company choses such methods for promotion of their programs. We will bill you a flat rate of $5 per thread due to administration of removal of such threads, you spam on our forum for your company, and if you fail to pay, keep in mind as well that it takes 24h for our postings in scam section to be indexed by all major search engines. Multiply that with another 10 forums, and you can be sure your own company name does not come at the top in the search engines for your own keywords or url, but one of these larger forum's indexed threads in the scam section. Treat this seriously, as it can and will pose major consequences for your business. We will also notify your ISP, Host, domain registrar and Spamcop who most probably will shut one of the services down on your site!!!!

    You should now know how we treat spam on our board. And the correct conduct to abide properly would be to post 1 post in the correct section, and not on all the various forum platforms on Rolclub Board Index.

    Claiming or asserting that you did not know, or was an oversight or plain ignorance by not reading our Rules, is NOT an option or neither a lenient consideration to take into account, as spam is illegal and that is common knowledge!!!

    ADMINS are the BOSS, you abide The TOS, NO MESSING ABOUT!!!

    The Admins,
    Marek & YogiBrood

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