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    Default Cashphoria! New Matrix System That Pays Everyone

    Cashphoria is an amazing new MLM Matrix program that gives you
    2 different ways to get paid:

    Our easy 2x3 matrix that pays out starting with your first person.

    Our Matrix Sharing System that pays out BIG on your earned credits.

    This is the easiest and fairest money maker on the web today.

    Each $30 positions pays out up to $110

    Please read more about it and join today!

    Rick Katz
    p.s. I'm the owner/admin of Cashphoria and I'm happy to answer
    any questions you may have.

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    Thought you might want to hear from some of our current Cashphorians:

    "Hey Rick,

    You've done it again. CashPhoria is poised to
    become the go-to program to make money online.

    I filled my first matrix in record time and received
    payment so fast it made my head swim!

    Nina Nestoroff

    "Holy acronym... OMG! I joined at 10 am and within 70 minutes I had made $110 on ONE Position!
    Of course, I am advertising. Who in their right mind wouldn't with a payout like THIS?
    Best thing is we are PAID upon request. My AlertPay account is busting at the seams and I, for one,
    will be buying positions in the matrix FOREVER. Kudos to Rick for creating such an honest program.
    It's one we can be PROUD to promote. Rick, you've really got a winner here!

    Patricia Sharpe"

    "WOW Cashphoria Just paid me! Want to get paid too!
    Come join,The Fairest matrix ever created!

    Date: 9/7/2011 11:19:46 AM
    Reference Number: BFBA1-07992-D87B1
    Transaction type: Payment Received From
    [email protected]
    Current Status: Completed
    Amount: $30.00 USD
    Purchase Type: Other
    Shipping Details: Not Provided
    Details (optional): Payment"


    Awesome, In at 9:00 CST for $30 and out at 10:30 CST for $110. Great plan, I have never seen anything like it.

    To Your Success through Teamwork,
    Stephen Sadler"

    "This is HOT !!! Super program, Great results and Instant Payout.
    What more could you ask for. I have already cashed out and bought
    more positions.


    Joey Adams"

    I was checking out the site shortly after joining and
    was surprised when I clicked on my stats, to find
    my matrix had filled and I had earned $110 on One

    Thanks for a Great Program, where everyone
    has a chance to earn. It's a Winner!

    Alice Bryden"

    "Thanks Rick, CashPhoria is going off. I joined as soon as it launched,
    and by the end off the day I had $80 in my account without even recruiting
    anyone, so I sent a withdrawal request and withing 5 minutes I received $80
    in my AlertPay account, awesome. Everyman and his dog should be a member of
    CashPhoria thanks agin Rick.

    Kevin Pritchard Australia"

    "I needed a reminder to post this testimony ...
    It seems I have been too busy withdrawing my earnings! :-)
    THANK YOU you for another great income opportunity!
    grandma lynn"

    "I also want to submit my testimonial.
    I just joined CashPhoria and I have just been paid.
    This is truly a wonderful program.
    With its earning system, everybody will really get paid.
    So don't hesitate, register and upgrade right away.
    This will really get huge so act fast.
    Jessie Esteban"

    "Hello Rick,
    I am Ramaiyan Marimuthu a member of Cashphoria. My id is 26.
    I am excited. I got paid within 12 hrs twice. Cashphoria is a boon for all
    income opportunity seekers. Fail-proof and loss-proof income generating concept.
    Rick, You have really broken the 98% failure into 100% Success.
    I wish you to Keep up the great job
    and noble job of helping people.
    Thank you

    "My matrix was filled few hours after I joined and most of my members
    were not referred by me.
    Asking for my earning the money was in my Alertpay account within minutes.
    This is the greatest program I have seen:
    1./ If you can refer members your matrix will be filled fast and you’ll earn
    $110 for a one time $30.
    2./ Cannot refer members? No problem! Do not wait for spillover! Just click
    all the credit ads in your back office and click all the credit links in the
    emails you get from CahsPhoria and you also will earn your $110.
    I already withdrew money for clicking my ads.
    Great Program, Great Admin. Thanks Rick.
    Susy Fehervari
    Earn Together Team Admin

    "Hi Rick! I have received two very fast payouts, from CashPhoria,
    without referring anyone and, felt that now is the time to write a
    testimonial about this. It seems that you have created a program that
    really works. - Thank you!
    ~ Jannie Borg Larsen"

    I really am extremely happy with Cashphoria.
    I already got 2 payments and have recruited 1 member. I
    also got 2 spillover members from my upline.
    I am finding Cashphoria one of the few legitimate, ethical and practical ways to
    earn from home.
    Thanks for offering this program!
    M (Muthu) Muthusubramanyam"

    "I requested a payout and the following day I had $10 in my alertpay.
    This is amazing as I have tried so many other programs and have not made anything.
    I am mot sorry to have paid $30 to join your program.
    Keep up the great work.

    South Africa"

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