You have only 45 DAYS to take full advantage of MONETIZING YOUR NETWORK.*

During these first 45 days, you earn TOP DOLLAR as follows:*

Earn $50 USD in credits for completing your own registration*
Earn another $50 USD for updating your profile*
Earn $25 USD in credits for referring friends who register on the site*
Earn $10 USD for anyone your referred friends refer and who register all the way down to an unlimited number of levels. This is EXPLOSIVE!*

All the money you earn is accumulated in your GetinFree Credit Bank. You're allowed to accumulate a maximum of $100,000 USD in credit value.*

How to spend your credits

Currency trading*

Coming soon:*

Open a currency trading account with our world-class Forex broker partner and use your credits to make some real money.*

Convert up to $10,000 USD credits into real funds in your currency trading account simply by matching the amount.*

For example, say you want to convert $1,000 USD worth of credits.*

Just match that credit amount by loading $1,000 USD into your trading account and you'll get a total of $2,000 USD to trade with.*

Reverse auctions*

Starting 1st November, you'll be able to use your credits in exciting reverse auctions.*

Just use your credits to match your purchased bids dollar for dollar and you'll be on your way to easily winning bids for the hottest products in the market.*

Lifestyle and family products*

You'll soon be able to use your credits for dollar-for-dollar matching on lifestyle and family items such as holidays, online games, electronics, fashion and more!*