IN PRELAUNCH! Opens tomorrow!

1. What is your product and what does it cost?
You will be purchasing Advertising (Banner Impressions) at our site. Each $30 entitles you to 30,000 banner impressions on our banner exchange site ( and you are not limited to how many you can purchase. You will need to register on with the same username you sign up with on

2. Do you offer affiliate commissions?
We pay 20%. Advertising credits cost $30 so your affiliate commission is $6

The remainder of the advertising purchase, less admin fees goes to the next 50 people and is shared equally.

The rotation starts at the top of the list and works to the bottom paying 50 members each time, picking up where it left off after the last ad purchase. When people use their account funds, the referral payout is the same except the next 75 people in line get paid equally. When the rotation gets to the bottom, it starts again at the top and rotates back to the beginning. Over and over again and again!