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    Thumbs up Select4Wealth -

    Here's a New One

    Think it might be big

    Your chance to be in at the beginning of something

    In Pre Launch now just opened for business today.

    Not many in yet, i asked the people in there and they said they just launched pre launch today some hours ago.

    It's a 10 lvl 2x3 forced cycling Matrix with FREE placements through each lvl to 10lvls

    Has a one time fee and that's it no other cost
    No monthly fees.

    They give you top of the range products for that
    and they say the products are well worth over the low fee to become a member.

    There is a Join for FREE option too.

    Got a freebie just for joining.

    They offer

    Company spill over
    Company Spill under

    The earnings look good up to $100,000 it says onsite

    Free Banner credits
    Free text ad credits

    No selling
    No recruiting

    There using a licensed script
    so no backdoors or anything.

    This is a Forced Cycle Matrix so the spillover is going to be big .

    There using Alertpay as a processor but other ones are
    coming as it says in the FAQ

    Visit the website have a look.
    I really think this is going to be big.

    Being in at the beginning is allways good in a forced matrix cycler

    Usually the 1st 2000 make a good earner out of it..then the
    rest follow.good part of a cycler is they end up back under
    their sponsor when theyve cycled,this one does the re-entry
    into the one you just cycled out of and the next lvl up for free.

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    An update from them just arrived .

    *Select4Wealth Competition*

    Being in Pre launch (September)and only opened a short time ago,
    to celebrate we have decided to run a competition for our members
    both free and Pro (upgraded).

    How it works is :

    Any member whether a Free member or an
    Upgraded Pro Member who brings in the most directs
    to their down lines by the end of September will get a
    Free upgrade to the value of $32.95.

    If you are already upgraded dont worry all is good,
    remember you can have 3 positions in Select4Wealth
    so it means you will have another ,which means your
    speeding up your earnings big-time.

    We only opened some hours ago all of those who brought
    in members already will have those counted in their score.

    So enjoy have fun and get the word out and for those of
    you who upgraded already we hope your enjoying the
    products we are sure you are finding them interesting
    and useful, check them out often as we add and subtract
    them to keep them up to date.

    Some are rather big downloads but we feel they are worth it
    and the choice is yours whether to download ,be assured we
    do our utmost to keep them virus free as well.

    Remember we haven't started our massive advertising campaign
    yet so tell others to get in now to get the massive spill over
    they really don't want to miss out on that.

    You might want to mention the competition to others
    they might want to join in with you.

    Yours in Wealth

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