Worth taking a close look at,I took this info off their Home page they are paying now before launch and they have some great testimonials from members that have already been paid.

Bless the site that pays its members before it pays it self!
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"Grand Opening Dec,1 2010"

Join now for Free. Upgrade and watch your commissions and Downline grow from your back office.
At Good Times Powerline our "Belief" is as simple as our program is, make it as easy as possible for your members to earn and they will in turn help your program grow.

We don't give any hype or broken promises just a very straight forward system for earning that pays 1 member for every 2 that joins and upgrades and gives that paid member a free position back into the powerline for optimal continuous Growth and Life Long Commissions.How easy is that!
No one gets left behind no one gets passed by Period! No Games and No personal referring quotas needed to get paid.
The difference between us and your typical Matrix program is the bigger we get the faster our members get paid and receive new positions to earn OVER and OVER and OVER again for LIFE!.In one straight Line

Have Questions? Please feel free to email us we are happy to Help.Contact Good Times Powerline.
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Members Testimonials
We are being called the simplest and easiest money making site online because of our unique pay the members First approach to earning.This is only the first and most affordable powerline. We have many surprises coming soon to maximize your earning potential After we PROVE HOW EASY IT IS TO EARN WITH Good Times Powerline
No Matter what part of the World you call home, Good Times Powerline is a program that makes it easy to earn extra money online with very little effort on your part. Our straight Powerline fills horizontally, with each member placed one after the other all members working TOGETHER Helping each other the way every program should be.

Here is the link: http://www.goodtimespowerline.