MatrixMails - 1C Emails, 0.5C PTCs.

This one is a spectacular site, and definitely a keeper.
The program has been paying members on time since 2002.
That's nine (9) years now and they are still going strong.

The site adding new things all the time, most creative webmaster!
Get ready to be different because it is not a common PTR.

1. Intl. users welcome. $2 payout by PP,AP with lifetime cash bonus.
2. 1C emails, 0.5C PTCs (up to 4C), 6 ref levels (20,10,8,6,4,2%).
3. Lots of other ways to earn, get paid write, play and signup offers.

Get paid to read paid emails.
Get paid to sign up offers. Additional terms apply.
Get paid to click and visit sites.
Get paid to play games.
Get paid to write articles.
Get paid to search the Internet.
Get paid to refer other people up to 6 Levels.
Lifetime bonuses according to personal earnings.

Payments via Paypal or Alertpay. Only $2 payout limit.

$3 - $30 per article. Minimum 500 words.
Please read rules carefully before submitting any article:

Only articles written in English with perfect grammar are accepted.
Articles must be written completely by the member. It is strictly forbidden to copy any article from the internet whether it is copyrighted or not. Please do not submit articles written by someone else. It's very easy to locate these kinds of articles with the help of web sites and search engines dedicated to find pirated articles.
All submitted articles will be reviewed by Matrixmails manually. The review time will vary between 1 to 4 weeks. This period is required to make sure that the article has not been pirated.
At first, you can only submit one article per category. Once the article has been approved or rejected, you will be able to submit another article for the same category. This limitation may be removed from the "preferred writers" who have minimum 3 articles already approved. Once you become a preferred writer, you will be able to submit up to 10 articles per category at the same time.
Please concentrate on quality. Keep in mind that articles are worth between 3-30 dollars each according to the length and quality of the article and you can make a decent amount just by submitting articles.
Do not use this page to submit absurd, offensive material as this may result in termination of your membership...

It is more than information here: