I am new to the network marketing industry. I like many others have found it to be difficult to get started. I have read many books and researched online to learn all I can about succeeding in this business. The biggest problem that I have found is with the industry image relating to pyramid schemes. A true network marketing company is a company marketing concept based on word of mouth. The companies pay the rep. or distributor to spread the word about their products or services in exchange for compensation. Most people have only heard the horror stories and not the success stories. The fact is that most network marketing and direct selling companies are legit. It's a fact that in the last 15 years no industry has made more millionaires than network marketing. In today's economy there is no better way to have an opportunity to start your own business at minimal costs. I'm looking for others like myself who know the potential to succeed is there but need the support of others. I am currently involved with 2 companies at the moment. One is Financial Destination Inc. and the other is MPB Today. I personally know people from both companies who are doing extremely well, so I know the opportunity is real. From my studies I have learned that you have a better chance to do well if you have a supportive team all working together. That is what this blog is all about. Finding others out there like myself who are hungry to make a change in their lives. If you are interested in building a team and making a better life for yourself and and your loved ones please contact me. I know I have the determination, persistence and drive to be successful and I want everyone on my team to be as well! If you are serious about changing your situation please contact me. I look forward to being teammates with you!



Thanks so much,