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How BuXplosion Works?

• Our system is unique on the internet and guarantees FREE traffic to your website! The concept is simple; on the main page you will notice 6 Banners from members.

• When you sign up, you will receive a website just like this one with your Banner in the #1 position of the #6 member's banners! The Banner that was in the #1 position will move down to the #2 position, the 2nd to the #3 position, and so on with the last one being taken off.

• When someone signs up from your web site, their Banner will be placed in the #1 spot with yours moving to the #2 spot, the 2nd moving down to the #3 spot and so on. By the time your Banner reaches the #6 spot, you will have noticed an amazing amount of FREE traffic!

How do I get guaranteed traffic?

• When someone signs up from your site, they must first click on your Banner which will open a new window leading to your main website. They will have to wait 15 seconds in order to have a unique code auto-filled and allowing you to go ahead with the signup process.

• While they wait, they will have time to see and read what you have to offer! This can equate to more downline members, sign ups, etc.! Each Banner will have to be clicked on to generate a unique code meaning that you will receive FREE Traffic throughout all levels!

How do I make money with BuXplosion?

• If you are a free member, you receive a 10% comission over all PRO upgrades bought from our unique BuXplosion cloned website. If you are a PRO member you will receive a fat 50% comission over all Pro upgrades. remember that those are recurring Monthly payments that you will receive for as long as the upgraded member pay us.

When and how will I get paid?

• You'll get paid in a weekly basis using the payment processor you choose. We work with AlertPay and PayPal to send your comission payments.

BuXplosion - Your Own Money Making Website.