Hi! Ken here from Yuma AZ.

You can offer relief to your readers who experience
chronic pain and Earn Money at the same time!

I work for Real Time Pain Relief. Our goal is to
help people overcome their chronic pain naturally.

RTPR is an FDA Registered, Doctor Recommended
topical pain relief formula.

The best part about our program is that RTPR is our
Try, Before You Buy approach.

Simply put, you offer a sample to your readers
at no charge of any kind. Absolutely no gimmicks.

When the product relieves your readerís pain:

They order RTPR and experience relief
RTPR gets a customer
You make a commission

There 100 million Americans living with pain
and RTPRís goal is to help as many as possible.

If you are not in pain yourself, chances are someone you
are close to is.

Please take a few minutes to help understand how to
help your readers who live in pain.


Our average payout is $8 per order!

RTPR is effective pain relief for

Neck or Back Pain
Muscle and Nerve Pain
Real Time Pain Relief can help your
readers or someone you love experience

Immediate and Lasting relief.
Rub It On and The Pain Is Gone.

Real Time Pain Relief

Doctor Recommended
FDA Registered
Safe for everyday use

Thanks for your consideration,

Ken Lanz
[email protected]