Earn money with Varolo.

Varolo is a free service that offers users the opportunity to watch advertisements in exchange

for jackpot entries while earning money from the ads that are watched by their entire network of

friends. * Varolo is completely, 100% free!
* Fill out your free profile so advertisers can send you ads based on you and your interests.
* Advertisers are paying you to watch ads rather than television networks and other advertising


* Each ad you watch gives you a chance to win a huge weekly jackpot.
* You can build a village of friends you have invited to Varolo and earn money on each ad they

watch. Your village consists of your friends, their friends, their friends, and even their


Our Story

We're all tired of being bombarded by irrelevant ads; after all, we have en-masse replaced our

radios with MP3 players, we use DVR's to fast-forward over commercials on our TVs, and our

magazines and newspaper subscriptions are rapidly being replaced by online news, blogs, and

virtual magazines. We've also adopted technologies like pop-up blockers and ad-block browser

plugins, all because the ads we're seeing are neither timely nor relevant to our individual



Our society feels that advertisements are a nuisance because they waste our time, aren't usually

topical or relevant, and usually disrupt our other activities. As a result, advertisers are

frustrated. Varolo was designed to solve the problems and waste associated with advertising.

Varolo incents us to watch relevant ads that match our interests in exchange for chances to win

huge weekly jackpots and through direct pay, leveraging the social networks they build. Through

Varolo, users can also receive exclusive promotions and coupons directly from advertisers. Varolo

also offers users a method to donate their time that translates directly into monetary donations

to their favorite charities. By making ads relevant for users, and also giving them direct

benefits--all while creating real value for consumers and advertisers, we create a true win-win