This is an online market research company. Since it's inception in 2000, the SurveySavvy community has grown to over 3 million people across 190 countries earning cash by participating in their online surveys.
After years of promoting market research companies, Palm Research have identified different concerns with fraudulent companies that claim to be market research companies but are actually "pay to play" websites - the ones that pretend to want your opinion, but really only want the money on your credit card.
That's why Palm Research are 100% free to join, and don't require you to sign up or participate in any trial type of offer.
..You answer the questions in each survey honestly and openly, and only participate in studies that you qualify for.

Do Palm Research Really Pay Money?
Yes,, Palm Research Pays we actual cash,once your account reaches a balance of $10 or more, via Paypal or Check,( once a month,) Usually during the first week, on a Net-45 Day basis,to members for participating in studies conducted from website.

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