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The power is in the double 2x2 or 2. With a one time $10 purchase, you can earn $80 over and over and over again.

You only pay $10 to unlock your 2 You will begin by earning $12 when you complete your first cycle, plus a $10 bonus each time someone in your matrix cycles, plus a $8 when everyone in your matrix cycles. That is a total of $80!

Your 2 is a small forced matrix. It is easy to cycle, as there are only six positions to fill.

This site is a feeder program for other websites. Which websites? Yours! You can add up to six different websites in the admin area for your downline to choose from.

Since this is a forced matrix, it does create spillover. Once the first two positions of your upline are filled their referrals will fall downline.

People that are not referred directly to this website from an existing member will be randomly placed in empty 2x2 positions. In addition, existing users can be placed in your downline when they recycle (these are people that have proven to be successful and they are added to your downline).

You will receive 50 different digital products with full resell rights. The products alone have a resale value well over $1,000.

You are given a dynamic subdomain to promote this great opportunity. The subdomian will be a name that you choose can be extremely appealing. If you choose the name "money" for your username (which is also the subdomain name) then you will be promoting the site -- money.net-mlm.com. In addition, the website is dynamic meaning it will change with you. As your matrix changes so does the website. You can even add your AlertPay affiliate account information so that visitors to your subdomain can create their AlertPay account through your link.

A forced matrix that pays $80. Spillover from your upline. Demonstrated leaders entering your downline. A feeder program that features your websites. $1,000 worth of products with full resell rights. An additional $1 per referral. A dynamic domain that can make you additional money. All this for a one time payment of $10!
Lock in your 2 matrix today for only $10

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Please do your DD before investing in any program.