If you understand what it takes to be a successful Network Marketer then please take a look at this opportunity. MLM 500 has ranked this business opportunity to be tied for the #1 spot. This is the next Mona Vie and your opportunity to get in at the start. XOWii IS A NEW lightly carbonated Energy Drink has just entered the market in Canada as a pre lauch. Although only a few weeks into the market Xowii is booming. There are many questions people are asking about the new product being offered in the multi-billion dollar energy drink industry. This energy drink was produced for its health benefits, and thus will be sold an marketed as a healthy alternative to energy drinks that involve a "crash" a few hours after drinking it. The ingredients are a testament of XOWii's arrangement offering a variety of health benefits.
So Just what is XOWii Energy Drink and what is it made Of?
Kona Red Coffee Berry - For centuries, native peoples have understood the incredible nutrition and energy value of the coffee plant. They used the lush ripe fruit and seed or bean as weve come to know it in tea, wine, medicine and food. As confirmation of this exotic fruits potent anti-aging power, the coffee fruit tested extremely high in scientific assessments of ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) the ability to neutralize free radicals that cause aging and disease.
Glucosamine - currently the OsteoArthritis Research Society International is recommending glucosamine as the second most effective treatment for moderate cases of osteoarthritis.
Acai Berry - provides increased energy levels, improved sexual performance, improved linedigestion, detoxification, high fiber content, improved skin appearance, improved heart health, improved sleep, and reduction of cholesterol levels.
Other exotic fruit juices are included in XOWii Energy Drinks.

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