I am not the admin of the program.


Our pay is very simple to understand. Here is how it works:

* When you introduce a New Member they go on the Free List.

* When your member upgrades and JUMPíS THE QUEUE to the Paid List (Members from UnoStart Benefactor member for the Paid List first).

* You as their Referrer will receive a $1 Bonus of the $1.30 Upgrade Fee. This is to encourage everyone to promote which keeps new members filling our Free List and ultimately our Paid List.

And itís that simple, if you joined the list because funds were low.

Note: - Just imagine introducing 15 Members who upgraded.
i.e. 15 Members X $1 Bonus = $15

This is the amount you would need to join UnoStart, and it only cost you $1.30, and now you are on the way to WEALTH CREATION where you can make hundreds if not thousands.

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Please do your DD before investing in any program.