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    Default Trivita SonoranBloom Super-Teambuild (2 Referrals Each)

    - Trivita SonoranBloom Super-TeamBuild -

    *** Company background and general information.

    Trivita has an unique business model called "Cooperative Marketing". What is Cooperative Marketing?
    Trivita gets its customers from TV Infomercials, Radio, Media Print and Internet advertising, we are then allowed to purchase the commissions rights of these customers and we earn commissions each and every time they order any of the Trivita products. By allowing the affiliates members to purchase the commissions rights of their customers they have more revenue which allows them to purchase more advertising.

    Trivita has been in business for well over 10 years and in my own opinion, I think its the best Multi Level Marketing company, their products are top quality and their services too.

    *** Trivita SonoranBloom Super-Teambuild.
    We Assist you with 2 SonoranBloom Affiliates Members (Referrals)
    In this teambuild we are going to assist in getting two SonoranBloom affiliates members placed in your downline, first come first serve basis.

    You are free to refer as many new members as you like and those too are going to take advantage of the teambuild. Trivita is a long term company and we plan to keep this business for the rest of our lifes or for as long as possible.

    To sign up just post, pm me or contact me for the next available link.

    *** Product > Nopalea.

    The below text is taken directly from Trivita's SonoranBloom website :
    (Personal opinion - Amazing and good tasting product with great ingredients, pure natural fruits)

    The power of Nopal cactus
    Nopalea (Nō-pah lay' uh) blends antioxidant-rich Nopal cactus superfruit with naturally sweet Agave nectar to bring you a deliciously unique concentrated wellness drink. Harnessing the power of betalains, a rare and powerful class of antioxidants that flourishes in the Nopal fruit, Nopalea delivers scientifically proven health benefits.

    The strength to heal and thrive
    Nopalea is a natural, low-calorie concentrated wellness drink that helps you live a healthier life. Drink Nopalea daily to help:
    • Protect against premature aging
    • Reduce inflammation
    • Promote optimal cellular health
    • Detoxify the body
    Customer Satisfaction
    At TriVita, we stand behind the quality of our products. If you are not fully satisfied with your purchase you will receive a full refund less shipping and handling within 60 days of the order date.

    *** Compensation Plan (Share & Earn Income Accelerator).

    Here I will explain the basics about the SonoranBloom Compensation Plan, for full details please refer to (PDF File 7mb)

    Income Accelerator Weekly bonus, pays out 70% from any new SonoranBloom Affiliate for their first 90 days, this is how the 70% is paid out.

    1st Level - 30%
    2nd Level - 15%
    3rd Level - 10%

    The remaining 15% is divided between the Directors Levels after the first 90 days, the Compensation Plan reverts to the basic plan. (You can find it in the link above)

    Payments - You can get paid either through Direct Deposit or Check and Trivita Debit Card coming soon. In order to receive weekly payments you must set up Direct Deposit which is the most convinient anyways.

    *** How to sign up and How to order additional customers.

    Signing up is as easy as 1-2-3, just go to the website link that I gave you and click on "Become an Affiliate Member" and follow on-screen instructions. Note : There is no need to pay for the first 30 days, so after filling up your payment information you won't be charged, this will give you the chance to check out the company and the team.

    To order customers just log into your Trivita backoffice and scroll to the "MAP" tab and click on "Make Reservations", scroll down to the bottom of the page and click enter reservation, if you have questions just contact me, your direct upliner, Director or Trivita Office.

    *** Rules for the Teambuild.

    1 - Must be new to Trivita either Customers / Affiliate Member.
    2 - Purchase 1 bottle of SonoranBloom Nopalea on Autoship (No need to pay for the first 30 days).
    3 - Only available for USA and Canada (International Membership coming soon).
    4 - Keep in mind that this is a long term and real business that will last for a lifetime.


    For any additional information feel free to contact me :

    Dirson E. Jimenez Santana (strosdegoz)
    Independent Trivita Affiliate Membe ID #13191990

    skype : strosdegoz
    yim : strosdegoz
    msn : [email protected]
    e-mail : [email protected]

    Partner Forum

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    I want to welcome Richard Goodman to our team!

    If you have any questions regarding this teambuild feel free to post here or contact me.
    Here is a great testimony about a member having great results with Nopalea.

    I am so thrilled to have found out about Nopalea, and it's pain relieving qualities!

    Back in May, 2009 I had a quadruple bypass surgery - the cardiac surgeon told me that the blockage in my arteries that fed my heart was caused by nicotine. After having smoked for 38 years, it was time to quit.

    Now that was almost 6 months ago, but I was still having pain when I tried to go to sleep. They sewed my breastbone up with wire, and when I would go to bed, I had to try and sleep on my back. As
    soon as I would get to sleep, my body would roll over automatically onto my stomach trying to get comfortable.

    As soon as I would do that, I would wake up in pain - this would go on 8 - 10 times a night sometimes. It was hard to get any sleep at all! Fortunately, someone in my sisters upline sent her a gift
    of health bottle of Nopalea. She let me taste it, and told me how it was helping her pain. I went ahead and ordered a bottle to try it, and when I got it I started drinking it at 3 oz. per day.

    Five days later, I realized I had no pain in my shoulders at all! I slept for 8 hrs. straight through that night, and woke up happier than I had been for 6 months! I am going to drink Nopalea from now on, as
    long as I live - and I will recommend it to anybody in pain.

    Yours truly,
    Dave B.
    Johnsburg, Illinois

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