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Freeport Group will be run as a standard HYIP; in addition to this we will be using our experience in the following areas to highly increase our stability and potential for success.

These include but are not limited to:

A) Website Flipping
One of our partners, Simon, has been part of the website flipping business and is experienced with SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Due to the potential for quick turnaround times with website optimization and sales, investments in this category will be beneficial to the nature of the program.

B) Freebie Trading
Another member of our group, Dave, will be working closely with the incentive marketing scene. Those of you familiar with these programs already know the profitability of investing with referral trading. Freeport Group has the resources and legitimate, stable accounts prepared to successfully deal with large volume referral trading.

C) Advertising
Finally, our fourth member, Don, will be handling the advertising aspects of our program. Don has had industrial experience with online advertising and we plan to incorporate many markets previously untouched by the HYIP community.

We feel that these tactics, along with the standard operations of a HYIP program, will lead to increased stability and profits for our investors. However, the final and most crucial step in our plan is input from users. Please feel free to ask any questions and input any ideas that could benefit the program. Feel free to post here or contact me directly at: [email protected]

We look forward to all responses and are excited about the launch of this new, unique program! Keep an eye out for Freeportgroup.com this Tuesday, October 20!

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