EX GDI Super Affiliate James Al-Oboudi has
just opened his new site and it is THE ONE
we have all been waiting for.
The TWR PowerSystem is now in PRE-LAUNCH
and will remain in pre-launch until Oct 7th.
What this means is you can join for FREE now
and build your Downline BEFORE you upgrade.
This is looking to be huge. It is a forced 2x8.
The owner designed it to be mathematically
impossible to beat. Meaning, it provides a
mathematically impossible-to-beat rate of
spillover, a mathematically impossible-to-beat
"break even" point. (It's a 2x8 and you
break even on your 1st level)
You get an industry leading 96.8% payout that
allows all members to make an average of
450% moreMoney than the owner of the
company. Read the site over good, you'll
see this stated there.
Just see what you get with your membership.
* Professional web hosting with UNLIMITED Web space
* Web hosting reselling
* Personal auto-responder
* Pre-made capture pages
* Ability to create your own capture pages
* Company auto-responder email messages
sent to your propects for you
* Online conference rooms
* James Al-Oboudi's 24 page marketing ebook
* Ongoing personal marketing training through
our support forum.
* Digital File storage.
* Free (optional) integration with Google Apps.
Here is the program's structure:
It is a 2x8 forced matrix with a monthly
membership fee of $29.95 that pays out
96.8% in the following format:
Level 1: 2 people x $15 = $30 (In profit with only 2 referrals)
Level 2: 4 people x $1
Level 3: 8 people x $1
Level 4: 16 people x $1
Level 5: 32 people x $1
Level 6: 64 people x $1
Level 7: 128 people x $1
Level 8: 256 people x $8
Total monthly income = $2,330 with 510 people in your downline.
This is a great opportunity to get into profit before paying a dime.
This system has been made for the 99% of MLM
marketers who struggle to get referrals AND
always seem to be left out of pocket.
If this is you, you NEED to take a look at this.
Watch the short 4 minute video James has made
and read ALL the details on the site so you can
make an informed decision on this.