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    Default streamlineglobal -

    I am not the admin of the program.
    Streamline Group has been successful at entering key financial markets as well as traditional businesses through our partnership agreements.

    Needless to say, time is the decisive factor in the business world. With minute of the clock fortunes are made and opportunities are lost, where a timely decision can spell success.

    Our global network has secured us an expertise with our business partners in key sectors such as Banking and Finance, Public Relations and Trade Business.

    With our office located in Bangkok, Thailand and Hong Kong, we are constantly looking for new and exciting business development in Asia with our expanding businesses involvement in the field of Energy, Maritime, Property and Import Export.

    DISCLAIMER: The information on this website has been provided only for your knowledge, is not intended to be, and shall not be construed to be a solicitation for funds or a solicitation for the sale or purchase of securities in any jurisdiction. This information must be kept confidential at all times by you, your agents and/or assigns. Any further distribution or dissemination of this information by you, your agents and/or assigns is strictly prohibited

    Clearel Lighting Technology

    Streamline Global Venture as an Asia distributor for Clearel is proud to introduce a new technology to Asia: A world of intangible communication. With endless possibilities, unlimited potential, the Clearel
    '' Immateriel morphing '' spheres are embedded in your wall or ground.
    They create a smooth, wavelike motion of your products above generator screens.

    Our representation of Clearel focuses on bringing to Asia a new lighting technology which has only been launched in Europe and America. We are introducing this innovative visual technology for the first time in Bangkok. We target clients in areas of architecture, design, property developers and exhibitors as well as private owners.

    Clearel has partners all around Europe as well as in the United States of America. The firm has several international patents, and emerges as a worldwide leader in the intangible communication field.

    Clearel blends a contemporary and timeless style with an innovative and visual technology.

    Clearel's comtemporary and innovative art deco lamps, virtual cl! ocks and displays, gives a new space with unlimited possibilities opens up to you.

    For more information, visit

    Added for discussion


    Please do your DD before investing in any program.

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    Default Streamlineglobal-Venture Capital-


    I have been a long time member of rolclub forum and glad to find that my businesses are being discussed here.

    I am the owner/admin of this program.

    My name is Christophe; I am a venture capitalist with financial interests in various business opportunities, mainly in Asia. These businesses are held under my own corporation, Streamline.

    Streamline was founded in 2005 and is owned and operated from Hong Kong. Hong Kong is central for doing business in Asia, both for banking, fishing, and technical achievements, and thus makes doing business there profitable.

    1- Offshore Banking Option

    One of the banking opportunities I currently have, and to which I invite you, is a small bank investment that will seed a much larger trade.

    For this opportunity, US$ 200,000.00 must be raised to enable the opening of a financial institute capable of offshore banking, which will yield an average and sustainable monthly interest payment of approximately 5 to10 per cent.

    While earning at this first level, I will set up the financial institute that will offer you your own account as well as credit/debit cards in which to receive your premiums.

    Participation starts at 200 US$, with no maximum. Once you have reached a 1000 USD, this sum will be credited to your offshore bank account once the bank is open.

    Payouts will be monthly and ongoing until such time as we reach our second, ultimate goal of US$ 1,000,000.00. This amount will allow us to enter an existing and paying trade platform that has been paying since 10 years.

    Once established, those that have joined with me to raise these funds will be rewarded with a bonus consisting of approximately 4, 5 times their initial monthly payout, and this for a period of about 9 months.

    This is a safe and stable investment opportunity that will grow from a smaller, sustainable, monthly return to a very lucrative and rewarding one.

    As reference to 'interest to be paid' is unethical and illegal, no one will know precisely what the returns will be until contracts are signed and in place. Hence, my use of the term 'approximately’ in respect to payouts.

    This opportunity offers a very healthy rate of return. What is more, additional capital deposits from clients will enhance our financial capabilities as well as the bank's earnings.

    Finally, a reward to the very earliest investors will entitle them to 10% of the bank's profits.

    2- ''Mud Crab" Business:

    We are present in Yemen in Aden since 3 years working in cooperation with the minister of tourism and fishery. Our contact and relation in Yemen are extremely good and we have established ourselves as trusted business partners in every aspect of the maritime business industry. This led us to open our own company to cater a demand that is increasing yearly. The crab business has a higher demand than we can produce. Our main product is the Mud Crab, a live crab that is a delicacy in Asia. Our main market is Singapore, Hong Kong and Thailand. Singapore alone demands a supply of 200Kg a day as a start up. At this time we can only supply Singapore for the next few weeks. While we will start the Singapore market, we are setting up 3 farms to raise our own crab. As the main supply from the fisherman are Mud Crab of 500 gr and the demand in Singapore are Crabs of 800+ Gr. We need to raise them to that size to meet the higher market price. Our 3 farms will raise about 10 tonnes of Mud Crabs per month. It will be enough to meet our actual demands.

    We are opening the door to a capital investment participation of 25 000 USD. It will take a period of 6 to 8 weeks to set up the business and before we can receive our first investment return. The expectation return for our investor involved will be of 7 to 10% monthly for a period of 12 months with the initial capital returned after 12 months of the first return. This is an investment that will potentially generate a yearly return of 60 to 120%.

    These opportunities are to be found on my website at under VENTURE CAPITAL. From the CONTACT tab you can access my personal and business information.

    Should you wish to invest and become part of these opportunity or should you require further information, please feel free to contact me personally.

    In closing, I wish to offer you, and secure your involvement in, a long-term, stable business plan with a starting percentage that enables steady growth. I have the means and connections to achieve this; however, this is neither a ‘quick-fix’ investment nor a HYIP.

    Christophe M.

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    i beleive that the program should be listed in Non HYIP program section.



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    Default Private bank Trade Opportunity


    I have replaced the current Offshore Bank Option offer with that new investment proposition below.
    Since we do have access to this particular trade sooner than expected, we will provide and set up the Offshore Bank Facility later on while we are participating in that bank trade.

    We are offering the participation access to one of the largest and oldest managed buy/sell programs operating today. This program encompasses 27 financial institutions and is primarily run through a well known BANK. This is a POF only program. Funds are never blocked, assigned, nor transferred. A simple "Verification Only" from the investor's banking institution is all that is needed to activate the Trader's credit line. No blocking.

    Investors can have the actual trade detail program by contacting us.

    Private Placement Program Highlights:

    • Earn 5% to 30% weekly per share purchased
    • Duration of 30 weeks.
    • Cost per share is set at $50, $100, $200, $300, $400 and $500
    • Shares paid accordingly 5%,8%,12%,15%,20%, and 30%
    • Multiple share purchase is allowed
    • Principal guaranteed by bank
    • There will be time allotted, downgraded monthly interest while we reach our target.
    • Principal back after investment period.
    • Refer others and earn under our Cash Reward Program, 5% per referral.
    • You may withdraw your funds, if you are not satisfied.

    Once we have sold all the shares available, it will take approximately 2 weeks to issue all documents to enter our private placement and you will then earn the following interest:

    • $50 shares will earn 5% a week for a period of 30 weeks.
    • $100 shares will earn 8% a week for a period of 30 weeks.
    • $200 shares will earn 12% a week for a period of 30 weeks.
    • $300 shares will earn 15% a week for a period of 30 weeks.
    • $400 shares will earn 20% a week for a period of 30 weeks.
    • $500 shares will earn 30% a week for a period of 30 weeks.

    Purchase shares through Liberty Reserve or Bank to Bank Transfer. Please ask for detail. If anyone would like to invest a higher amount then please contact us
    for a more private agreement.

    For all inquiries, contact us at: [email protected]

    Kind regards,


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