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Trading Places World is ON-LINE and Open for business to the public on 09-09-09!

Congratulations to all of the leaders and their teams who have come together and made this website and this dream come alive. No words can express the gratitude that we feel for your efforts, your loyalty and your heart in bringing this dream to market.

We will continue to strive to provide you with BOTH the industries best products and leadership in marketing.

Thank you,

Myno Tayloe

Pay Plan
Trading Places World Compensation Plan:

Trading Places World utilizes three types of commissions to promote the sale of what we feel is the most comprehensive and valuable Internet training, tools, resalable products and marketing resources available in our Bundled Media Product. Any more product would be overwhelming and any less may not give you enough product diversity to find something that you can be passionate about.

The three commission types are:

* Direct Sales Commissions
* Cycle Bonuses
* Team Matching Commissions

Direct Sales Commissions:
Trading Places World Independent Distributors are paid $275 as a Direct Sales Commission on every Retail product sold to a customer outside of the company. This commission is paid on all fully paid product sales to anyone that is not joining the company as an Independent Distributor.

Cycle Bonuses:
Each fully paid product sale that is sold to a customer that joins the company as an Independent Distributor is entered into the Trading Places 2x2 forced Matrix.

Each Matrix position consists of a total of six positions; two positions are available on the first level and two positions beneath each of the first two positions for a total of four positions on the second level. These positions are filled by registering fully paid product sales into the available positions, one sale per position.

The six positions can be filled in any one or a combination of any of the following four methods:

A.) An Independent Distributor can directly sell product from his or her website which can fill the 6 positions.

B.) An Independent Distributor can receive spill over, a process that occurs when either the Distributor’s direct sponsor or matrix sponsor works with the distributor and places a sale in their own second level which can fall into the Distributor’s First Level.

C.) An Independent Distributor can have his or her second level positions filled when a Distributor that he or she personally sponsored to his or her first level sells product to their first level, thereby filling the Independent Distributors own second level positions.

D.) An Independent Distributor can have his or her matrix filled when a they sponsor another Independent Distributor who joins without a product purchase and sells the required amount of retail sales to be placed into the 2x2 forced matrix. This placement will occur automatically after the required units have been sold and without the sponsored Independent Affiliate making any personal product purchase.

Each time a matrix fills it is said to “Cycle.” The Independent Affiliate receives a Cycle commission bonus of $400. The term Cycle is used because after the matrix is filled and pays out the commission of $400 the Independent Distributor is given another 2x2 forced matrix position in their Sponsor’s current matrix.

Therefore, each time an Independent Distributor, with the help and assistance of their Personal Sponsor, their Matrix Sponsor and their personally sponsored Distributors complete a 2x2 matrix they are paid $400 commission bonus.

Team Matching Commissions:
A $400 team matching bonus occurs in completed / cycled matrices. As each of the subsequent positions in a matrix cycle they pay out a team matching bonus to the Matrix Sponsor that owns the matrix. This additional $400 is paid out on the bottom four positions when they cycle.

Maximum Matrix Cycle and Matching Bonus Value:
Therefore the maximum value of each matrix can become as high as $2000 if and when the matrix becomes fully matured. A mature matrix achieved when each position of a completed matrix is the head of a complete matrix. This $2000 is derived from the initial cycle value of the matrix at $400 and four additional $400 matching cycle commissions from the bottom four positions.

Independent Distributors are encouraged to join Trading Places World in three convenient methods:

* Join as an independent Distributor without purchasing any product
* Join as an independent Distributor with a product purchase
* Purchase the product without joining the business

Join without purchasing product:
Independent Distributors that wish to resell products for the company can do so by applying online and paying the application fee of $45. Each Independent Distributor that joins without purchasing a product is paid a direct sales commission of $299 for every product they sell. Once an Independent Distributor sells 3 fully paid Retail Sales they are automatically entered into the companies 2x2 matrix.

Join with a product purchase:
Our resellers are the lifeblood of the company. When a customer also chooses to demonstrate their loyalty and referral intentions by applying as an Independent Distributor, we reward their commitment by extending a $99 discount off of the product purchase price and immediately enter them into the company’s 2x2 forced matrix compensation structure.

This automatic enrollment into the 2x2 matrix does not limit or preclude them from earning direct sales commissions from retail sales. It simply adds another dimension of compensation that rewards team building and mentoring.
Purchas the Product without joining the business:
While Trading Places World would of course enjoy being the grateful recipient of everyone’s satisfied referrals, there is absolutely no such requirement to enroll as a reseller to enjoy the benefits of product ownership.

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