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Q. What is my affiliate site? (What is my referral url?)
A. Your url is: www.worldlightfunding.com/USERNAME (insert your USERNAME)
Q. I don't understand the compensation plan. Where can I get more information?
A. We have an audio page set up at: http://www.worldlightpay.info that explains the comp plan pages found at: http://www.getworldlight.info Also found at: 218-877-8799 Pin 140096#
Q. Are there conference calls? What number? What time?
A. Yes. The number is 646-519-5800 Pin 0777# The time schedule is: Sundays at 9:00 pm Eastern Time then on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays at 10:00 pm Eastern Time.
Q. How can I learn the compensation plan?
A. We have an audio page set up at: http://www.worldlightpay.info that explains the comp plan pages found at: http://www.getworldlight.info Also found at: 218-877-8799 Pin 140096#
Q. How is there so much money paid out on a small one-time entry fee?
A. You have to break it down to the smallest component to understand it at all&every six JS entries produces a seventh (BBC) entry which produces pay for four other business centers and the corresponding charities, and produces the BBC Re-entries (which in the Jumping Stage contain a "JS" (a $59.00 value) and a "CS" (a $120.00 value).
Q. Is this legal ?
A. Absolutely! To be legal a business must have a product and/or service. We have the best assembled online digital e-library in the world (e-Books - over 1000). Most of these e-books have resell rights with them. We have a free blog service/page for members. We will be adding computer software which members will be able to use and sell.
Q. Who is this David Preston I hear so much about?
A. He can be found by googling "legendary consultant" (Or google his name)! He associates with some of the largest names in the world and the largest names in marketing! He is a legendary consultant, a sharp business mind and a great public speaker. He is our corporate business consultant. He has a dedicated page on the site that will contain some S.E.O. products and some great marketing tools. Look at the local SEO money generator for $119.00 that he offers.
Q. How soon do I make money?
A. That is determined by how many come in behind you (after you join) and it is not determined by any length of time. Please see the comp plan. Note the 100% Spillover!
Q. Do you have a debit card system for receiving funds?
A. Yes. The option to sign up for TransCard is in the backoffice. You can elect to get paid on a debit card and that is through TransCard. If not, you will be mailed a check on the 5th of the month.
Q. Does the debit card or the debit card system cost extra?
A. The fees are nominal. It can be started after you have fees deducted.
Q. If the first member I sign up purchases an Option Membership, do I lose them to the 2 up?
A. No. The "Multi-Up" for matching pay only applies to the Stages Straight-Line and not the Option Straight-Line. (Great question!)
Q. Is World Light located in the US?
A. No. We are a World Light Ltd. located in Seyshelles.
Q. When are the checks mailed out and/or the debit cards funded?
A. We pay commissions for the previous month on the 5th day of each month .
Q. Who is in charge of World Light?
A. We are as close to a "of the people, by the people and for the people" business as you will ever find. The late Ronald Mashal, of Montreal, Canada, was the original formulator of the system. He worked on it over the last seven years of his life before he expired on July 6th 2008. He constantly told the original first few members in that the idea came from The Lord and not from himself.
Q. My favorite charity is not listed. Can I list my own favorite charity?
A. Yes, that option is in the backoffice of the website. You must list the name, address and phone contact information and the office will contact the charity for all of their status information. That will not list that particular charity for the entire membership database & only for your purpose. (Hit the "Charity Page", drop down the Charity menu and select the last choice.)
Q. Can I mail my application instead of paying online?
A. Yes, just print the last three pages of the pdf file that can be downloaded (see "Download Marketing Plan" on left) or at http://www.getworldlight.info and mail to the address listed on the application. It will be sent to the company.
Q. Does the backoffice show how much I have made?
A. Yes. There will be the total earned and the total paid listed in your backoffice. You can an account of earnings on the "Member Details" tab.
Q. Does the backoffice show the people that I am matching?
A. Yes. It will show you the direct and indirect matching members. It will also show the amounts matched. It will also show your total amount earned and amount paid.
Q. Does the backoffice show everyone that has joined after me?
A. No. That would be next to impossible to program. It does have counters on the site which show how many are in the matrix below you (in each of the two matrixes).
Q. Is there a "counter" to see where I am?
A. Yes. It is in the backoffice. It will show you the number of entries below you in the Stages Line and in the Option Line.
Q. I did not get an email when I joined. What happened?
A. You probably have you spam filter set too high. You need to add this to you white list, friends list or address book @worldlightfunding.com and you will get your emails from us. You can "whitelist" us. Here are the instructions: http://1uptowealth.webs.com/whitelist.htm or http://snipurl.com/whitelistme
Q. Is this worldwide?
A. Yes, we are already in dozens of countries and growing!
Q. How ofter are the charities paid and when are they paid?
A. The charities are sent a check once per month. (One large lump-sum check for their portion.)
Q. Why is the date different on the J.S. that accompanies the Option?
A. That would be the case if you registered and sent a money order in for the payment. The entry had a date but the J.S. wasn't given until the payment arrived.
Q. Can I elect to receive a check instead of the TransCard payment after receiving
A. Yes, that option is in the backoffice. Whatever is selected on the last day of the month will determine which payment method is chosen for that particular month's commissions.
Q. Does TransCard have any limits?
A. Yes, the limit for your pre-paid TransCard is $9,999.00 at a time. You can move that amount off of the card (by purchase of withdrawal) and put another $9,999.00 on the card over and over.
Q. I have touble with the backoffice pages showing statistics. What do I do?
A. Enable cookies -> Click on Tools, Internet Options, Privacy, Default then slide the bar to Medium (or slide it down). Also, you can view the movie of explanation at: www.google.com/cookies.html
Q. I have touble logging in. What do I do?
A. Clear cookies and temporary internet files > Hit Tools, Internet Options, Delete then Delete Temporary Internet Files and Cookies, Then click Apply. You may have the wrong password. We have a password retrieval by the login text boxes. (Look just below where you enter the username and password.)
Q. How do I see my downline?
A. Log in and, in the backoffice, on left there is a menu. Click on referrals tab. Then click the "+" sign to drop down the menu of referrals.
Q. Why didn't I get a confirmation email?
A. These are sent out automatically. Obviously, your email spam filter bounced it out. You can "whitelist" us. Here are the instructions: http://1uptowealth.webs.com/whitelist.htm (or see)http://snipurl.com/whitelistme
Q. Where can I hear more about the compensation plan?
A. You can call 1-218-844-8799 and dial pin number 140096# for the 24/7 recorded 25 minute explanation of the compensation plan. You can hear that same recorded message on your computer at: www.worldlightpay.info (Be sure to download the comp plan first.)
Q. I finished phase 1; when will I finish phase 2?
A. When the seven that completed your phase one gets their seven members. (That is "Phase 2" for you.) This applies to all of the stages. Keep in mind that the last two stages (Manager and Director) work simultaneously.
Q. I have multiple entries/jumping stages. Can I designate a different charity for
A. Only one charity per username at a time can be used. You can change your charity at any time in your backoffice.
Q. I forgot my password. How can I get it?
A. There is a password retrieval on the login page. Just enter your username or your registered email address and it will be emailed to you.
Q. If I buy another entry, will it be under the same username?
A. Yes, if you go to the backoffice and hit "Buy re-entries" on the left (click on the selected choice - $59 or $347) and purchase through your backoffice.
Q. Where are my referrals? I do not see them.
A. You have to click on "Referrals" on the left. Then you need to click on the plus "+" sign to expand the list.
Q. How does it benefit me to sign up Option members?
A. When their Option Triples, you get the $100 and another J.S. Position.
Q. What pay processors do you accept?
A. We accept AlertPay and StrictPay.
Q. Do you have a lead capture page?
A. Yes, it is found at: www.iloveworldlight.com/product It is only $19.95 per year.

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