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There is absolutely nothing like this around!

It is a proven fact that Text Ad Exchanges are possibly the highest form of responsive and affordable advertising you will find on the Internet.

9Levels is a High Quality FREE Text Ad Exchange that offers 9 different Levels of Advertising: Home Page Text Ads, Solo Ads, Traffic Links, Login Ads, Banner Ads, Text Ads, HTML Ads, Navigation Banners and HotLinks.

Our Commission Plan is simply Outstanding. We offer to our members a 100% Payout through our Commission Plan. This means that the $9.99 that they spend to upgrade or to Advertise their Product, are ALL spread through our Members.
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We offer to our upgraded members Direct Commissions, Forced Matrix Commissions and Profit-Sharing Commissions. Our innovative Intellishare system share the profits in a different, more intelligent way. Intellishare was created to provide an equal and fair opportunity for all members to reap significant rewards; and not ONLY the first few members.

9Levels is completely innovating the Forced Matrix programs standards
by making them more appetible for every member!
"You may upgrade your 9Levels membership in one year,
and even if You are not an expert marketer,You will still earn money
and get loads of advertising with our program"

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