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Bringing A Closer Sense Of Reality To The Value In Your Home!

Create your own personal treasure hunt in your home today, and see if you can uncover any hidden valuables. If you do, gather them up, ship em' to us, and we'll give you 70% of the market value. How can we do that? The answer is simple, we ARE the refiner, there is no middle man.

What We Buy:

Gold, Silver, Platinum, Vermeil, Diamonds, Broken rings, Singular earrings, Pendants, Necklaces, Statues, Bars, Just about anything of value.

( If you're not sure about anything, fire us an email, and we'll get your questions answered promptly :-)

* Please, no costume jewelry or U.S. currency. *

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Sounds Great, But How Can I Tell What To Send ?

Gold: Generally gold can be identified by markings embeded somewhere on the item and will consist of a number, or numbers followed by the letters kt. These numbers would range from around 8kt, to as high as 24 kt. On occassion, gold will also have letters replaced with numbers such as .585 (14kt) or .750 (18kt). The higher the marking numbers, the more valuable the gold is. The most commonly created gold colors are: The normal yellow followed by white, and sometimes even rose, or green colored.

Silver: will contain one of the following character markings: "silver, sterling, or 925

Platinum: will contain any of the following character markings: .950 or PLAT.

Vermeil: This is gold plated silver, and would be valued out as silver.

Our Commitment To You:

Our first rate customer service will excede your expectations, because we do what it takes to make you feel like you got your money's worth. We not only want your business, but your buddies, your family, and everyone in between.

*Preview the process link above to see why we make it so easy for you to feel completely at home with our business.*

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