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World Changer Mall - This is our BEST OPTION if you're really serious about an online business. We actually pay you to join us because you will receive $600 worth of VISA Gift Cards ($50.00 a month) just for buying at least $100 worth of groceries from a store of your choice. We actually give you back almost $400 more than it will cost you to have a business! But that’s just the beginning… You’ll earn rebates from your own shopping, you’ll start making money as others shop with their own My Power Mall system, and earn additional income from Team Pay (only available to World Changers). The World Changer Mall gives you two ways to earn an income instead of just one. You’ll receive a free membership to our exclusive Someone Believes In You Club that will empower you to succeed in every area of your life. Here you can start your business for just $34.95, start earning an income in 30-45 days and you have your Visa Gift Card income to maintain your business with money left over. If you want the best chance for success you’ll want to thoroughly investigate a World Changer Mall!

FREE Business Starter Mall - If you want a Free way to start a business, My Power Mall is an excellent option. With this option you’ll earn rebates from your own shopping but earn even more money when others shop. This is all part of our shopping mall rebate system we call the My Power Mall System. As you build a network of shoppers your income increases. If creating an income from your own on-line business interests you, you’ll want to look at a Business Starter Mall. ** Please be aware it can take 4-6 months to start generating income.

FREE Personal Savings Mall - This is an outstanding way to earn automatic rebates of 2-55% on everything you buy. Simply shop on your own Online Shopping Mall with 1,000+ stores to buy gifts and everyday items, or use American Express Gift Cards to buy groceries and gas from your local merchants. The rebates are automatic; no coupons to clip, nothing to send in. It’s all done for you. If you’re interested in getting a rebate on everything you buy, you’ll want to explore a Personal Savings Mall.

International Mall - We are thrilled to welcome every single person in the world to My Power Mall. We also recognize that being a part of an American company can bring some challenges so we have adjusted our program to make sure you can make money easily, too – sharing it with anyone, anywhere in the world! If you do not live in the U.S.A, you will want to watch this presentation.

World Changer/Business Partnership Program - We have a special program set up for traditional business owners that will give you all the benefits of the World Changer Mall and provide you a way to advertise your existing business to every My Power Mall member through a special Local Merchant Mall. Harness the power of spending and advertising to help you generate the most income from your business!

FREE Non-Profit World Changer Mall - My Power Mall exists to provide funding for organizations making a difference in the world. If you are a registered 501(c)(3) organization, a place of worship, or a school, you will receive our World Changer Mall for FREE!

*Mall Rebates take 60-90 days to process.

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