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At TheOnlineMarketingCourse.com site, we have three basic goals in mind.

* Teach you how to create your own income generating sites
* Help you achieve the creation of those sites
* Create lasting income through those sites

With those things in hand, we came to this conclusion: A lot of people are hurt by the recession. People are desperately searching for new ways to earn money. People are losing TONS of money by getting into programs that don't work. People need a secure site that lets them learn as they go and earn along the way. We want people to be successful. We want YOU to be successful. We're here to help you.

We have experience with different areas of the internet that will help generate passive income on a monthly basis. What this means is that when you are creating something, we want that something to generate income whether you're working it or not. When that something is generating income then you move on to another project. After that project is complete then you have TWO somethings creating income whether you're at the computer or not. When you get 10-15 somethings going all at the same time you start to get much more passive income generated from it. We're here to teach you HOW to do that and make sure that you CONTINUE to do that.
Question: What is this site?
The Online Marketing Course is a site dedicated to bringing you monthly ideas to help your online revenue portfolio grow. We are here to make you money through marketing/advertising on the internet. We have information on Adsense, Adwords, Clickbank, and plenty more. We give step by step instruction on how to generate online income.

Question: How do I get paid?
As an active member of The Online Marketing Course, you have the option to help new members get into the program by giving them a 30 day trial. When you bring them in and give them a trial, then they are placed under you. Once they subscribe their account then I pay you a commission from that payment since you helped them into the program. Think of it as a type of clickbank. You bring someone to me and when they pay into the program, you get credit. You will receive $30 every time they pay their subscription.

Question: How do I cash out?
When you first create an account, you have to go into your preferences tab and put in your AlertPay or Paypal details then update. Once you've updated your payment processor then you will be able to cash out once you have over $10 in your account.

Question: What about fees?
On cashout, their is a 3% withdrawal fee to help pay for the fees of the processor. In the future, The Online Marketing Course will develop it's own payment system to take away from these fees. The new payment system will either be by checks, direct deposit, or a type of debit card.

Question: Is this a pyramid scheme?
No, a pyramid scheme is when you have one user making all the money and the only way for the program to stay afloat is to have new members come in to keep paying the top members. The pyramid program always fail and are always top heavy and running on the premise that if it doesn't bring in new people then it will die. We are not a pyramid scheme. When you pay your monthly subscription, that is for the site to keep bringing in new information every month to help you build your online portfolio to generate more money.

Question: Is this an MLM?
Again, no, This is not an MLM site. We have a service that we are providing for a monthly subscription. When you pay into that service, we do give commission for people who help us bring in new members that would otherwise not join. This is how commission businesses work. If you bring in more business, then you will get paid more commission. We are a business.

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