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    Default matching matrix.Buy your customers comming soon


    This is Scott,and I work for the wholewellness club as well as promote it as an affiliate.
    So anyone joining can rest assured,I am here %100 to support you,as well as help you with your [COLOR=blue ! important][COLOR=blue ! important]account[/COLOR][/COLOR].

    Soon you will be able to buy your paying customers for $15.00 a piece.We have been working on this for quite some time,and it's almost ready to launch.
    You can join without paying for a product,just so you can get into the back office and look around.

    Spillover is %100 with the whole wellness club.
    Anyone joining under me will definately get that

    To have a [COLOR=blue ! important][COLOR=blue ! important]business[/COLOR][/COLOR] this good,and customers is a dream.As well as we have Dr.James Chappell on thursday night calls,and you can ask doc a question or two at the end of the call.

    So definately,if your not good at recruiting,get in.

    Products-Dr Millers Holy Tea-Cinnamon 6-Coral Calcium Complex.

    Great 2x4 matrix.
    Matching Bonus on all Personally Sponsored Members.
    Expandability of the Matrices.4x8 Matrix.
    [COLOR=blue ! important][COLOR=blue ! important]Retail [COLOR=blue ! important]Sales[/COLOR][/COLOR][/COLOR]

    Matching on your 4th level,no matter how they get there.

    Everyone will purchase or generate sales volume of at least $40 worth of product each month to qualify to receive 4 levels of [COLOR=blue ! important][COLOR=blue ! important]income[/COLOR][/COLOR]. That is the only requirement - $40 of personal volume. There are no requirements to sponsor anyone in order to receive 4 levels of income. Anyone who joins with $40 of volume, will be very motivated to upgrade to $80 of volume as you will see in the paragraph below.

    Even though you don't have to personally sponsor new members into our company to earn overrides in your 2x4 matrix, everyone in our system is exceedingly motivated to sponsor two people, and that's what builds a 2x4 matrix. Why are they motivated? Anyone who has $80 of personal volume and has sponsored two people in our system, is qualified for a matching bonus on whatever the people on their 4th level earn in their 4 level matrices. Anyone who is purchasing $40 of product and sponsors two people into our system, will be motivated to upgrade to an $80 purchase in order to qualify for a matching bonus on whatever the people on their 4th level earn in their 4 level matrices. A member must have $80 of personal volume and two personally sponsored members that made a purchase this month in order to receive a matching bonus on all their 4th level members.

    The matching bonus is the most lucrative feature of our compensation plan and it doesn't matter whether there is one person on your 4th level or 16 people. They do not have to be personally sponsored by you. Whatever anyone on your 4th level earns in their 4 level matrix, you receive a 100% match. If they earn $10, you receive $10. If they earn $343, you receive $343.

    All charts are listed on the site for [COLOR=blue ! important][COLOR=blue ! important]payments[/COLOR][/COLOR] in the matrix.

    More Compensations and Incentives

    Matching Bonus on all Personally Sponsored Members
    To qualify for a match of the 4 level income of all your personally sponsored members, you simply generate personal volume of $120 in any given month. This can be accomplished by making a purchase and/or generating retail sales.

    Preferred Customer Program
    When you share Whole Wellness Products with someone, they may have tried the products as a Retail Customer. If they like the results they are getting, they will want to purchase more products. You can offer them a [COLOR=blue ! important][COLOR=blue ! important]wholesale [COLOR=blue ! important]price[/COLOR][/COLOR][/COLOR]. All they have to do is join the club -- membership is free. When they join, they can join as a distributor or as a preferred customer. We offer the preferred customer option for those members who do not want to have a Whole Wellness Club business. They just want to purchase the product.

    Business Builders Bonus Commission System
    With the Preferred Customer program, we have accomodated members who do not wish to build a business in the Whole Wellness Club. With the Business Builders Bonus (BBB) Commission system, we are providing a way for those who are very serious about building a business in the Whole Wellness Club to do it agressively and make a lot of money while they are doing it. It is just for Distributors who want to make a lot more money while they are building their business.

    Participation in the BBB Commission System is optional.
    To qualify to be eligible for BBB Commissions you must meet two requirements.

    1) You must make at least one purchase of the $199 Business Builder Bonus Package.

    2) The BBB Commission system is optional and it is separate from the Matrix Commission system, but one of the requirements of the BBB Commission system is related to your activity in the matrix.

    More can be learned by going to the website.

    Also we have added alot of business builder combo packs.
    Mix and match your products to fit your needs.

    Right now we have alot of people buying the 2 year supply of holy tea because it costs $499.00
    Sales will bring in $960.00 if you sell at shops,or out of the home @ 40.00 per months supply.

    We even have people from trinidad that are ordering the 2 year pack 6 times a month! WOW.

    I also order the 2 year supply,and sell it to people in my home town.Also offering a week trial for 15 bucks.

    So this is definately a way to get customers,and to get them introduced into the business if they want it,and get them into your [COLOR=blue ! important][COLOR=blue ! important]downline[/COLOR][/COLOR].

    Some just want to order at a discount,while others are building a business.So it's a 2 punch.
    Sell at home if you like,and let them know about the business if they want one,and the 2nd being that you can [COLOR=blue ! important][COLOR=blue ! important]sell [COLOR=blue ! important]products[/COLOR][/COLOR][/COLOR] out of your house for a 2nd income.

    Our toll free company number is 866-549-0267.My extension is 7019 if you have any questions.That will save you a dime,or quarter these days rotflmao.gif

    You can get some more info by going to my team page located here:

    Go to the link called wholewellness Club.

    Any questions,let me know.
    We also have Dr. James Chappell that does conference calls.With a dial in number or webcast,you can join us almost every day for info on the business,as well as the product,with an open line to ask questions at the end of the calls.

    Take a listen to the one on microwaves. My opinion,throw it out the door!
    Microwaved blood to heat it causes a lady with a simple knee problem to die!

    Anyways,this business keeps changing and offering more for the people,all the time.
    And the payplan you will have to study and look over.
    Also you can talk to the owner of the company as well on the calls.

    Check us out.

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    Hi all,

    Been soo long since I been on the forum,I thought I should get this going again.

    We now have Dr James Chappell on thursday night calls.This is a good move for the tea club,now known as Whole Wellness Club.

    Holy Tea-Coral Calcium Complex-Cinnamon 6.
    You can find a link on my homepage to the new site.

    With all the changes going on,were now better than ever.
    And working on a new advertising source,and a team build again.

    Since I work for the club also,you can usually get me at our toll free number listed below.

    Also we have Merle Haggard audio testimonial now as well.Moving right up the corporate ladder :)

    With the economy as it is,the best thing these days to have is a home business.
    So go to conference calls,and listen up tonight with the Doc.

    I can also give out Dr. Chappell's clinic number now.
    Just had a girl ask about Coral Calcium,and her daughter had osteoporosis.

    I sent her to the doc,and she called in an hour later and ordered a 3 pack of the coral,which we now sell at a discount.

    We also have variety packs available as well as cd,s booklets and a variety of things.

    You can sign up free without placing an order,then get into your back office to see the variety packs,and the discounts.

    For shop owners we now have a 24 month supply for $499.00

    Almost 1/2 off the regular price.

    New video is now on the site with the Doc.
    Dr James Chappell, the company spokesperson for Coral Complex 3 and Cinnamon 6, is a modern day naturopath who shares many of these same traditional views with us. He has a PhD in clinical nutrition, is a doctor of chiropractic and naturopathy, and a certified medical herbalist. He has been practicing for over 37 years.

    He has had over 10,000 patients.
    Natural medicine,and natural healing.

    We sell 2 of his products that are new on the site.

    These products detoxify,hydrate,and mineralize your body.
    Everyone should not be without.

    Water(hydration) thins the blood.Did you know that?
    If you have a headache,drink some water and thats probably all you need.

    On a recorded conference call we have on the site,Doc explains how to tell if you have candida without having to go to the doctor and spend money finding out.
    You can find out within an hour(at home)

    All sorts of problems with health?Ask the Doc.

    We consume 150 lbs of sugar a year these days.Cinnamon 6 is good for diabetics as well as just plain keeping sugar out of your system.

    So take a look for yourself,and give me a toll free call at business hours.
    Toll free 1-866-549-0267
    M-Sat-11-8 pm central time
    My extension is 7019

    If you need help signing up,give me a call.
    That's what Im here for.

    Have a good day,

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    Hello Everyone,

    Sorry I let this thread go inactive for so long.

    Id like to welcome David,and Judy for joining the club.

    Sorry Judy that I didn't get to you earlier:)
    I've been so

    David just joined us today,and I think we will have one more comming on today.

    Things are picking up as it's twards fall again,and thats tipically when people start getting active.

    Chuck Dhuey,and John Rosanbalm have been working on a system that dials prospects up,and leaves a message,or they can hit *1,and it will go directly to you if the person wants to talk to you.

    So far what I know about it is its around 100 bucks for 5,000 minutes.
    You set up the system with your message on it,and plug it into the system

    So if the message is around 2 minutes long,it gets you about 2,500 peoples attention.

    And when you setup your account,there will be 100 minutes on it for free,so you can test drive the system.

    Boy,i hope theres a pause on it :o
    It will probably be set up for hours you pick when you are home.Or it will have an option to leave a message.

    As some of you might not know,now starting september first,****** callin out must have written permission to be called.
    FTC-FCC rules you know.

    So Im guessing these calls will be people mostly looking for a business.
    And will be run by JR,owner of wholewellness club...

    By next friday hopefully,I will also have an email system set up just for the holy tea club(Wholewllness) that has various packages you can order leads from.

    All the tools are included..... auto responder,automatically uploaded leads,and a sweet little thing you download on your computer which makes a noise each time someone fills out your form and puts all their info into it,and submits it.

    Kinda kool :idea:

    So you hear a ping on your desktop,notifying you someone has just filled out a form,giving you thechance to call them right when they are on your site.
    And thats besides the autoresponder messages they get.

    Hopefully the Whole Wellness marketing site will be up by the end of this week.
    There's always a glitch to be figured out as we all know happens on the net.

    So if your not in,get in and enjoy the ride.As you know,spillover is not a fantasy here,it is actuality.It happens all the time.

    So any questions,call me toll free during business hours at the phone number listed on the website.
    My extension is 7019

    Good luck all,

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    Welcome to Robyn Roberts

    She signed up and is having some issues with her c card,but will be onboard with an order soon.

    Here's a sneak peek at the new system in part,for getting customer signups.
    oops,can't post the link here,so pm me if you want to see it.

    Also,I believe in October,we will have a product called Peak Enzymes.
    We will have an exclusive on it,so it's all ours [IMG]*********************************/style_emoticons/default/smile.gif[/IMG]

    Reminder,we have a conference call with Dr James Chappell on thursday night.
    Anyone can listen in,and if you have a question,the lines will be opened up at the end of the call.

    You can also ask me for his clinic number if you have an issue you would like to discuss with him.
    PM me for the number,or call me during business hours.
    M-Sat toll free-
    866-549-0267-Ext 7019

    Conference call times can be found on the website,or go to my link below,and follow the link.

    Well,it looks like were truckin right along here,and business is picking up.
    Within the next 2 weeks,I should have the other marketing site up and running as well,and get the trickle auto responder messages loaded in as well.

    When you get people signed up from the leads they provide,for any business,,your signups will be able to have the system to try for free.

    Quite a deal because they can kick the tires and not spend any money on it.You will probably get some signups from the system.
    Not just in your business you are promoting,but after they try the system and sign up for that too,you will get the following options.
    Many of our customers have asked for a simple way to refer their downlines, uplines and business associates to what we offer.

    The simplest way to accommodate their requests and to compensate them for their referrals was to offer an Affiliate program.

    Many of our Affiliates are interested in just referring us to others, as they understand their people deserve the best.

    In these situations, we track results so we can say �Thanks for the referrals� in one of several ways.

    Many people just want some leads or Special Recognition for their referrals.

    In some occasions, it is against their personal philosophy or Companies� Policies and Procedures to earn income from referring others.

    Some people would like to be compensated by payment through Pay Pal or by check.

    This way they can reinvest in their business the way that best fits their business building practices.

    After completing the Sign Up form, you will be contacted by Peter or Vincent to see what works best for you.

    Our Affiliate program is available on a case-by-case basis.

    Based on approval, this Affiliate program can be available to any marketer or webmaster regardless of traffic levels, marketing experience, or website content.

    So basically you will be offering your team a marketing system that they can either get commissions from,or they can be rolled over into pm dollars which can be redeemed fro leads from the company.

    So you could actually have your leads all for free at some point,or take the cash instead........
    Great little system for anyone because we all know we need leads.

    The NEED for LEADS [IMG]*********************************/style_emoticons/default/wink.gif[/IMG]

    Have a good day,

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    Hi everyone,

    Haven't posted in awhile.
    We now have the enzymes.They are called peak enzymes.

    Want to feel 20 years younger?Check out our recorded conference calls on the wholewellness tab of my site.

    Get in on a call with Dr James Chappell thursday nights.

    Peak Enzymes is an exclusive for us.
    Great homebusiness as well.

    Any questions,let me know.

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