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    Default leadsforcash -

    I am not the admin of the program.

    How Does This FREE Affiliano Affiliate System Work?

    * *You bring a referral to the sign up page through your website, blog, forum, paid advertising, banner, however you would like. Email spam is Not allowed!
    * *The referral will be asked to submit their name and e-mail. A confirmation email is sent to make sure they are a real person. This is a very common practice
    * *The referral clicks the confirmation link inside the email. This will take them to the sign up process. And that's it! You get paid when they click the link inside the confirmation email and go to the sign up page!!
    * *Our mission is to help you earn $50 per day or more your first month.

    Get Paid For Referrals!

    Start earning REAL money online with Affiliano
    What Else?

    Preferential Payment - With conversion rates as high as 65% for the Affiliano referral program, our partners enjoy some of the industry's highest payouts. We offer monthly commission payments via bank check mailed on the 30th of each month or direct deposit through the payment service. You are paid $1.50 - $4.00 per referral. The referral does not need to buy, purchase or upgrade anything for you to get paid.

    While maintaining the highest industry standards, Affiliano is leading the way as an Exclusive Referral Program. If you are interested in discovering your earning potential and in getting a profitable website online - it is time to become an exclusive Affiliano partner.

    Have you been looking for a program that pays you for the referral or lead only? This is it!! No more sales or upgrading in order for you to get paid. You simply get the lead to fill out their name and email. They then receive a confirmation email. When they click the confirmation you get paid. It's as simple as that. CLICK the link below to get your confirmation email. So that you can get started right away with this FREE affiliate program!

    For more information, visit

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    Please do your DD before investing in any program.

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    I signed up for this affiliate program. Seems fine so far. Here is a review.

    REVIEW -

    I came across this free affiliate program from the siteLeadsForCash.netIt was free to join and they are affiliated with a domain and hosting company.

    They offered a $100.00 sign up bonus. I could not resist. I was curious about them. They also offered free website templates that are super easy to upload to the host.

    I signed up and received a free Quick Start Guide. I opted to use the domain and hosting company. Of course I did this. I saw the value of having a domain and website to help promote this affiliate program. This cost me about $60.00 for a year of hosting. The domain was free.

    I checked my account and sure enough they gave me my $100.00 bonus. This was great because now I could advertise my site without any cost to me.

    I was still very skeptical and not sure if they actually just paid for the lead alone. This kind of sounded to good to be true. I set up a Google Adwords / PPC campaign, scanned my site for keywords and picked some of the lower cost keywords.

    My first day I brought in only 6 leads. I checked my account and sure enough those leads showed up. I have no idea if those leads bought or paid for anything, and I really don't care. I got paid.

    Only my first week and I average $20.00/day and that's after advertisement costs. They also tell you Free ways to bring in leads. I have not spent the entire $100.00 sign up bonus. I still have about $35.00 of that money left.

    I was looking around at the Getting started stuff they had and was surprised to find out they have a 7 part Step by Step video tutorial on how to sign up and create a Google PPC campaign. He does it in front of you and talks you through it.

    I was somewhat in shock. For years I have been looking for a company that paid for leads only. I've been in lots of affiliate programs where the lead had to buy, upgrade or something of that nature before any money is paid out.

    Finally a TRUE pay per Lead company.
    I am very happy with them. I have made money every single day I've been with them. So I have to

    Two Thumbs UP!
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    To Your Success.
    My blog:

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