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At AliveMax, we are passionate about making a positive impact on both your health and financial wellbeing. Our goal is to empower you with dynamic and cutting edge products and the ability to EARN a Substantial Income from home by simply sharing these life changing products with others.
The AliveMax R&D Team is constantly scouring the industry for the top up and coming “Superstar” products so you can be confident you will always be positioned ahead of EVERY major new product trend.

The AliveMax Product line is formulated from carefully selected and Scientifically Validated Ingredients combined with the most advanced nutrient delivery system available today.
We pride ourselves in making sure our distributors needs come first and count on close communication with our loyal distributors to ensure the proper support and training you deserve is here to keep your business moving forward. Discover how simple success can be with the right products, and the right leadership team here to help you succeed.

To help you get off to a fast start, the AliveMax compensation plan begins rewarding you IMMEDIATELY... sometimes even before you refer your first person!

You will get paid one time on the first 3 customers or members that fall below you in our unique team building compensation structure.

It doesn’t matter whether you personally enroll each member or customer or they fall into your team from a team member above you… you’ll get paid!

Another powerful way to put money into your pocket
immediately is by taking advantage of the huge
profits you can earn on each bottle of spray.

As a member you can purchase each
spray at the wholesale price of just:

You then have the opportunity
to Retail each spray for …

Recognizing the importance of helping you quickly become profitable, the AliveMax Fast Start Bonus is designed to generously reward you for enrolling new members and customers.

Each time you enroll a new preferred customer or distributor, you will receive a 20% Fast Start Bonus on their first order!

For example, if someone you refer purchases 3 bottles for 75bv, you earn $15!

To help the MOST amounts of people succeed as fast possible, the Dual Team Building Bonus is based on building just TWO teams.

In addition to your own efforts, and the efforts of those you personally enroll into your two teams, new members and customers can also “spill” into your team from members above you.

This concept allows you to leverage the collective
efforts of multiple members both above and below
you in your team to maximize the growth by helping
everyone build FAST…

With your initial purchase of 75bv, your position is instantly Activated and begins to accumulate and bank all sales bonus volume (bv) that occurs below you whether it is as a result of your own efforts, from the efforts of others below you or from sales spilled below you from your upline's efforts. To maintain your Active status, simply maintain a 75bv monthly order.

Then, to qualify to earn weekly dual team bonuses, all you have to do is enroll at least one member on your Left Team and one member on your Right team, each with a 75bv product purchase. (2 Total Personally Enrolled Active members must be maintained each month, 1 on your left team and 1 on your right team)

It is as simple as, each and every time you accumulate 150bv on your weak leg (just TWO people at 75bv) and 300 on your strong leg, you earn $25 in cycle pay regardless of who signed them up!

This allows you to tap into DEEP COMMISSIONS allowing you the potential to literally Earn to Infinity! You are never cut off by levels.

There is also an "apprentice level" (perfect for college students and individuals with limited resources) that allow the MASSES to earn Dual Team Building Commissions up to $500 per week.

The qualification for the "apprentice level" is as low as 25 personal monthly BV and have enough personally sponsored people on each side to accumulate a total of 75BV in either personal autoship and/or retails sale per personal referral/recruit per side.


Bob gets started and then orders 25 BV a month (or retails / or autoship order), he refers/personally enrolls Mary with 50BV and Alexander with 25 BV and puts them on his right team .Then Bob refers/personally enrolls Beth, Julie and Jamal on his left all with 25 BV each. So Bob is on 25BV himself, have a total of 75 BV on right and 75 BV on his left (accumulated from HIS personals)... NOW BOB IS ELIGIBLE TO EARN UP TO $500 A WEEK on "Dual Team Building Cycle Bonus" segment of AliveMax's revolutionary Compensation Plan. (must have necessary volume to help him balance out and earn UP TO 20 cycles per week i.e. $500 a week!!)

Qualified and active "apprentice level" team members with required volume can earn up to $500 per week on "Dual Team Building Cycle Bonus" segment of AliveMax's revolutionary Compensation Plan.

6 Leadership Ranks:
To remain Active and Qualify for a leadership rank you only need 75bv in personal monthly volume. With our easy to reach leadership levels you can start profiting right away.

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