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Welcome To Our Wealth Distribution Community

"Here everyone receives $3900 monthly by sharing $6"
The rich are getting richer while the poor remain poor. If you doubt it, ponder these numbers from the US, a country widely considered meritocratic, where talent and hard work are thought to be enough to propel anyone through the ranks of the rich. In 1979, the top 1% of the US population earned, on average, 33.1 times as much as the lowest 20%. In 2000, this multiplier had grown to 88.5. If inequality is growing in the US, what does this mean?
We Have to Unite!

As members from the 90% portion
of the population shown on the video below.
join, then make a monthly donation of $6.

The donations are split in $1 portions and then
distributed to the community equally down 5 levels.

Our community works the following way:
Members pay a monthly fee of $6, the same
as spent on a pizza, and in return all members
receive a new e-book each month and are placed into
our 5x5 forced matrix where
we give back to our members in the form of
$1 per person they refer to our website.

5x5 forced matrix

As a Wealth Distribution Community member you will receive:

FREE AFFILIATE WEBSITE! Your wealth building website is available to use immediately!

Every month receive a new ebook to promote with & build your list.

Over 25% of people who view this website sign-up. Which means more affiliates for YOU!

$5 OF EACH $6 PAID TO YOU! Unlike other systems 5 of every 6 dollars is paid out to members!

RISK-FREE! If for any reason you are not satisfied, cancel at any time and not spend a DIME!

We practice the distribution of wealth by sharing
with our community members a portion of the sales
that are made each month.

This unselfish practice can gain you
residual income of over $3900 a month.

Next WE spread the word
and as the Wealth Distribution Community grows,
your income increases until you reach
$3900 income monthly.

For more information, visit

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