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Line $1 - 400% LAUNCHED on 4 Sept 2007
Lines shake on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 10 a.m.GMT

Each line will offer different levels of profits, from 200% up to 1,000% !

70% of the advertising payments are invested in shares, to accelerate the cycles.
Why ShakingCycler is different:

1. Our SHAKING Cycler system will give to ALL the members equal opportunity to cycle their shares on all the lines, regardless of the join time. We don't TWIST, we SHAKE all the positions in each line, three times a week (Monday, Wednesday and Friday). All the positions in the cycling list will be each time completely mixed by random. Example: if you are at the 563th position when you buy a share, you can be at the 1st position on next Monday, at the 52th position on Wednesday and so on..

2. You can pre-order each new share a week before the launch-time.Then we shake the list and we launch. This avoids the rush at the launch time.

3. To guarantee a long life of each line:

- we schedule the cycling time;

- each time a share cycles, you re-purchase automatically a new share in the same line.

4. ShakingCycler is NO PYRAMID: we use the "A.P.A.S." system, which avoids any pyramidal schemes that usually freeze all the other "Doublers" after a few days or a few weeks.

5. We have our OWN and EXCLUSIVE software and our OWN servers.We are a COMPANY, we have a team of programmers and designers who can follow the evolution of the site, who can control all the features of our program and who can react immediately to any problem which could appear during all the procedures.

We offer a 3 levels referrals downline. Each time one of your affiliates makes a payment on our site, or when they buy advertising links or banners, you receive in your 'reserve account to buy shares' :

Level 1 : 5%,
Level 2 : 2%,
Level 3 : 1%

To make new Affiliates, use your personal referral link and our banners.

ShakingCycler is 100% legal :

1. We use the "A.P.A.S." system (Anti Pyramidal Scheme System).

2. We offer the opportunity to use your profits, if you wish, to buy advertising links, small and big banners in ShakingCycler.com site. After the Launch time you will ALSO be able to advertise in our partner's sites, directly from your ShakingCycler's cash account.

Our PARTNERS : AgoraClub.com and 20MillionHits.com

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ShakingCYCLER will be online for YEARS
Thanks to our ***** NEW SYSTEM and our UNIQUE and EXCLUSIVE features, ShakingCYCLERwill be online for YEARS.
This is the BEST GUARANTEE we can offer.
Secure your position and Sign Up NOW :

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