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1. What is Z2R Wealth Matrix?

Z2R Wealth Matrix is an exciting home business opportunity that sells digital products to consumers around the world. Our Digital products will help anyone learn the knowledge you will need to know to promote any business online. Z2R Wealth Matrix also has a powerful compensation plan for paid members to participate in if they chose to promote these digital products to others, also each paid member's business center link will be placed in our company sponsored advertising campaign meaning that it's possible to have a income producing business with us without ever promoting your business. However, if you do take an active role in building a business with us you will be compensated with additional perks in the form of fast start bonuses, and all personally sponsored members you bring in will follow you in your downline builder programs if you chose to participate in those additional income opportunities.

Update: 2009-02-25

2. How much does it cost to get started?

To have access to our products and participate in our compensation plan you will only pay $19.95 one time then $12.95 per month thereafter.

Update: 2009-03-01

3. How and when do I get paid commissions?

You must have a minimum balance of $20 for us to make a payment. We pay every friday by 10 pm eastern standard time via alertpay. Once you upgrade to a fully paid member, just simply add your alertpay email address to your profile, Go to edit your account there will be an option to add your alert pay email. We reserve the right to switch payment processors for paying out commissions.

Update: 2009-03-22

4. Countries that are not accepted by Z2R Wealth Matrix?

We are unable to offer this opportunity to the following countries: Reason for this is that the payment processor's we choose to pay out commissions does not offer services to your country.

* Afghanistan
* Belarus
* Burma
* Chad
* Cote d Ivoire
* Cuba
* Democratic Republic of the Congo
* Equatorial Guinea
* Haiti
* Iran
* Iraq
* Lebanon
* Liberia
* North Korea
* Rwanda
* Sudan
* Syria
* Zimbabwe

Update: 2009-03-22

5. Can I have more than one account?

Yes you can have as many accounts as you like in our matrix. We decided not to limit your matrix position, we know that many of you will be very active in building your matrix and will want to position yourself in several or more business centers.

Update: 2009-03-22

6. Do you have support? I need help!

We are here to help you with anything that you need. Simply go to the Contact tab at the bottom of this site and submit your question. Please allow up to 24 hours for resolution of your support ticket.

Update: 2009-03-22

7. I have upgraded and do not show as active yet!

If your account does not instantly activate , Do not worry your account will be activated within 4 hours maximum.

Update: 2009-03-22

8. I have been scammed before, how do I know this is real?

Z2R Wealth Matrix is a home business that sells educational digital goods through the internet from the Z2Rwealthmatrix.com website. We are proud of our product and our amazing compensation plan that rewards members through multiple streams of income. Take a look around and have fun! This is YOUR Website and we are 100% Real and dedicated to your success. Welcome aboard!

Update: 2009-03-22

9. What is your compensation plan?

We use a powerful 4 by 8 forced matrix. You will get paid $7 fast start bonus on all personally enrolled members then $1 per month down 8 levels of the matrix. You can also refer to the flash video presentation on the front page of this website for a very detailed explanation on the compensation plan.

Update: 2009-03-22

10. What is your company sponsored advertising all about?

Z2R wealth matrix will set aside 25% percent of all administration fees to use for paid advertising. We will be advertising in print newspapers, mass email marketing, and testing other offline advertising methods. When a new member joins Z2R wealth matrix from any of our company paid advertising sources they will sign up on our main page which will randomly select a member as there personal sponsor. This will not only earn many members $7 fast start bonuses but will help build your business for you.

Update: 2009-03-22

11. Is there a refund policy?

Z2R wealth matrix cannot offer refunds because all commissions are paid directly to affiliates. All sales are final, please watch the video on the main page of this site and read over every detail, be comfortable first before signing up to Z2R wealth matrix. You're welcome to cancel your monthy membership at any time.

Update: 2009-03-22

12. How Do I cancel?

If you paid via alertpay or safepay you would simply log into those accounts and cancel your subscription. Simply send us a support ticket by clicking on the contact tab above with your email address and full name if you paid via our merchant account.

Update: 2009-03-22

13. My Question is not answered?

Simply send us a message via contact tab below. One of our staff will get back to you within 24 hours.

Update: 2009-03-30

14. Does the company benefit from random members or is the system set up so members will benefit as well?

When folks come to the site without a sponsor a random member will be picked for the new sign up. Test it yourself. Clear cookies on your computer; go to http://www.z2rwealthmatrix.com and click the Join Now Icon. Do this several times and you'll see that a different member comes up each time. This ONLY happens IF you clear cookies.

Update: 2009-04-05

15. Can I get sign ups if I'm a free member through the random member rotator?

No, ONLY paid members will benefit from the random member rotator.

Update: 2009-04-06

16. The site doesn't load for me. I'm using I.E. What is up?

You must set http://www.z2rwealthmatrix.com as a trusted site.

Update: 2009-04-06

17. When using my referral link, My name does not show as sponsor?

Everything is okay, you must have logged in the main site member area. The site will recognize the last site visited, please clear your cookies and refresh your computer. The main site is set to randomly pick a member as sponsor. The site has cookies set for a few hours , we set this to the minimum time allowed. sorry its built in the script.

Rest assure your link will go to your site, just remember if you visit the members area and logged in at the main site simply clear your cookies, refresh your computer then try with your link.

When you give out your referral link rest assure there going to your page . If not we're sorry but will not move members, This requires alot of manual work since we have 8 levels in the matrix.

We also set the script to allow visitors to change there sponsor during the registration sign up. Sponsor's name or username is on the front page of the site as well.

Update: 2009-04-10

18. Can I use a credit card to pay?

For now you can use your credit card for your FIRST month initial payment ONLY. We will soon have the monthly feature updated.
Update: 2009-04-11

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