Sqip is different…very different!

It is designed so that the members own a part of it.

Right now you have 100 FREE PEPs waiting for you…no strings, no catch, no small print…just free for joining & checking Sqip out.

PEPs are Private Equity Points that grow in value & pay lump sum cash dividends. The PEP price is calculated every week and increases as the membership in Sqip grows.

Stakeholders have already seen a huge increase in their PEP value and your 100 free PEPs can be worth up to 1000 Euros when we buy them back from you.

You can also earn great commissions & matching bonus PEPs on sales 5 levels deep & get paid weekly with instant cash transfers….and you never need to sell anything or convince people. The portal will do that for you.


These are your Stakeholder starter PEPs and you can watch their value grow week by week as Sqip grows & expands globally in over 30 languages.