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* Solid Microgaming clients
* Excellent marketing resources
* Earn top commissions
* Favorable terms
* Convenient payment options
* Detailed reports
* Professional support

Solid Microgaming clients
All our casino clients boast Microgaming's latest Viper software. Each offers a large selection of quality games and are among the biggest online casinos. Also, Wild Jack Gaming boasts the first ****** Casino powered by Spin3 and Micrograming. Players enjoy live help, responsive and friendly support, and quick payouts. But most importantly our casino clients excel in keeping players engaged in lucrative and fun promotions.

Excellent marketing resources
Our marketing resources include detailed casino reviews, text links and a wide selection of quality promotional banners, served and updated by us; special promotional links; customized progressive tickers; updated website and newsletter content; and more.

Earn top commissions
Earn among the highest commission levels offered by the online gaming industry. Our unique six level commission structure helps our casino and poker affiliates to earn more, faster. In addition, we pay a 2% referral commission on all revenues/rake generated by each new affiliate that you refer to us.

Favorable terms
We pay life time earnings. We do not carry forward negative casino balances. We keep ten-year cookies.

Convenient payment options
We pay via online wallet or bank wire. Payments are made on the 15th of each month. The minumum payment amount is $100, and all unpaid amounts are carried forward to the next month.

Detailed reports
Our reports provide you a detailed view of the effectiveness of all your promotional activity, the demographics, gaming preferences and profitability of all your players, the success of your various campaigns and detailed monthly activity of each player. This information together with our full statistics on banners and links gives you a complete picture of the effectiveness of all our marketing resources. All these reports utimately enable you to effectively track and optimize all your affiliate activities with us.

Professional support
Our support is friendly, professional and responsive. We work personally with each affiliate and encourage your initiatives.

Casino, ****** Casino and Poker RevShare Program

Revenue Share Program

Earn up to 40% commissions by promoting our casino, bingo, poker and ****** casino programs and earn another 2% by promoting our referral program. For your convenience, we offer a variety of popular online payment options. Please see below for full details.

Casino, Bingo, ****** Casino and Poker Program

Earn more, faster! Our unique six level commission structure gives you higher commissions at smaller increments. BrightShare affiliates earn commission based on the net casino revenues (casino and ****** casino) and net rake revenues (poker) generated by the players they direct to our casino clients. Please see the table below for the revenue categories and corresponding commission rates.

Earnings Model

Casino and ****** Casino net revenue is calculated as follows: Real Player Income (money wagered at the casino), less winnings and less all deductions (free credits, player bonuses and progressive jackpot fees).

Bingo net revenue is calculated as follows: The rake taken from real money bets, less the amount contributed to the pot, less bonuses and credits, progressive contributions, royalty and processing fees.

Poker net revenue is calculated on the basis of gross rake minus player bonuses.

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