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    Default -free leads

    How are you all doing today?

    Would you be interested in a product that sells itself,tastes great,and is a liquid vitamin?
    As well as giving you energy,and all the nutrients your body needs?

    Some of the ingredients contain mangosteen,acai,wolfberry,as well as a blend of vegetable's,and tastes like the well known acai berry.

    Plus a company that gives you customers in your back office any time you request them!
    Just using the email link in your back office will send you 50 leads at a time.

    The company end of the business supports their members,and they have just bought many (seeded) leads that can be used only for this business,and no other.

    Sound interesting?

    Take a look at our Liquid Vitamin.
    As soon as people see the product,they want it.
    It is a great product with a high end profile.

    It is called Epic Ultra.
    Cost, 19.95
    Take a look here:

    100 post cards,and peel and stick names with their address on them.
    $5.00 including s&H to you.
    Incredible offer if you do not know how to recruit.
    Just put on a stamp,and send out.

    I have a pic of the post cards at the bottom of my site,as well as an outline of what you see when your in your back office.. No graphics,but you can see all the tools.

    Are you starting to get the picture?
    And company support is awsome as well.

    How about downloadable fliers,videos,banners for promotion,and so much more..
    Of course you can purchase them on the site,but you can also do it yourself at home.

    So if you couldn't make it in any other business,give this a try..And the product you will keep buying even if you do not want a business.

    You owe it to yourself to be healthy,and Epic Ultra has many ingredients that promotes health.

    Pay plan:2x10
    The compensation plan is easier explained on the website,and it is awsome.

    The product is catching on widely.

    80+ Vitamins & Minerals
    Complete Nutrition
    Easily Assimilated Liquid
    Premium Quality
    VERY Pleasant Taste
    60 Day Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee
    Potent MULTI-VITAMIN formula containing over 80 Vitamins & Minerals.

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    Congrats to the people who have joined over the last week.
    Most of you should have your epic by now.
    They ship fast.Usually arrives in about 3 days after you get a confirmation email on it.
    Thats how they do it.They will send you a tracking number to check the ststus out on it.
    If you want to learn more about how it works,check out the conference calls.

    These calls are Q&A calls for both guests and existing distributors.

    The number for all calls is: 1-712-432-3000
    The bridge number is: 343467

    You can also set your threshold payout button in your back office under update contact information.
    Rock on,
    Scotty ;)

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