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Our Mission

Life, Health & Prosperity

ViSalus™ is a company with a passion for people. Our community is dedicated to making a positive impact on the life, health and prosperity of everyone we can reach. We accomplish this by offering a line of revolutionary health products, a diverse and supportive community, and a business plan that gives people control over their lives.

ViSalus™ is guided by three dynamic leaders, a top level ****utive team, and an experienced Board of Directors, and backed by strategic investors Blyth Inc., a billion dollar publicly traded company with nearly 20 years experience in the Direct Sales industry
Our creed is rooted in the very name of the company. "ViSalus" comes from the Latin "Vi," meaning Life, and "Salus," which means Health and Prosperity.

ViSalus Management Team
ViSalus™ Constitution


ViSalus Sciences® enhances the lives of our members through incentives and rewards designed to create new experiences, build relationships, and create lasting memories. Click to learn more.


ViSalus™ offers a line of innovative wellness products developed by a world class Scientific Advisory Board and backed by some of the most advanced scientific technology available. Click to learn more.


ViSalus™ gives people of any experience level or educational background the entrepreneurial opportunity to grow and fulfill their financial potential in this exciting industry. Click to learn more.

Prosperity with ViSalus™

Prosperity - is the power of entrepreneurship, the desire for financial freedom, and the passion to give back and make an impact on others. We believe everybody should have prosperity, that’s why we designed our business model to be simple, lucrative and fun.

How does the ViSalus™ Opportunity Work?

At ViSalus™ we know that our products work. Beyond the documented research and science, stand thousands of satisfied customers and success stories that serve as the heartbeat of the ViSalus™ community.

Put simply, you can get paid to promote products you enjoy and a community that provides real solutions.

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