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Important New Global Launch Announcement... Calling All
Marketers Worldwide !!!

“A new company launching sometime around January 2009 with a New Cutting-Edge Prospecting System helping everybody succeed... the professional and the inexperienced marketer find new sign ups for their main business or for this new company”
What This System WILL do FOR You

The payplan will be a COMPANY FORCED RECYCLE MATRIX and THERE IS NO SPONSORING REQUIRED and we get paid via a FREE GLOBAL DEBIT CARD. Even if you failed in recruiting and just can't refer others...this is for you. You will be extremely glad you joined. If you are an active business builder...you will laugh all the way to the bank ;-)

Let's face it...

Most inexperienced marketers are not making any money online...EVER. This payplan model will help those who can't refer anyone along with, helping team leaders have a more stable, long term, and PROFITABLE TEAM.

You will give them a HELPFUL ADVERTISING WEAPON that will help you and your team grow much faster than ever before.

The monthly fee will be around $29. By signing up below you are not committed to spending ANY money. Signing up below allows you to pre build your team list and gain valuable updates and information prior to launch. When it's time to join you WILL TAKE A FREE TOUR. Then after you take the free tour you will decide if you join as a paid member or not.

The monthly fee is that low...everybody can afford this. This low fee is all that you need to qualify for the "no sponsoring required" payouts in the company forced recycle matrix.

If you are a business builder this will interest you...

...Fast Start Bonuses

...Monthly Leadership Pools

...and more we can't release just yet but soon.

Start getting out the word to your people right now is most important.

How we get paid? Via a "FREE GLOBAL DEBIT CARD"! YES!!!

No doubt about it...this will be a huge opportunity and this launch comes at the best time for everybody who wants to make $$$ online.

No matter what you think right now... make sure to sign up below to be immediately notified of future updates. Those who sign up below will be the first to receive all future updates and the sign up link from Sponsor System Team (who invited you to this page) when this will launch. Get excited and share your link with everyone you know who is looking for an extra income.
Here's what you do next
Make sure you are using your real information. No fear, you can opt-out any time!
After you signed up check your email inbox. Be sure to check your spam folder and add the sender email address to your address book,. You do not want our important updates blocked by your spam filter. Be sure to CONFIRM YOUR SUBSCRIPTION from your inbox. Once you confirm your subscribtion, you will get your very own free replicating website, just as you see here and more.
After you receive your own website SHARE YOUR LINK with everyone you know (spammers will be deleted in no time) so you can pre build a team ready to join you the day of the launch.

For more information, visit

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