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Affiliated Product Network : Welcome

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2008-12-31 05:00AM EST:
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Welcome to APN. APN is a Multi-Layered Business Opportunity which has never been done before but destined to set a new standard in the industry.

Affiliate Product Network is a product based program offering a variety products, services and income possibilities.

As a PAID affiliate you have numerous products and services at your disposal many of which are FREE.
You may choose to participate in our Advertising Placement Network as an option. APN offers each paid affiliate the opportunity to purchase APN Points.


APN Points is the method we offer for advertising your personal products and services for viewing by ALL affiliates. Purchasing APN Points allows the affiliate the benefits of APN Revenue Sharing and access to additional benefits offered in the member’s area.

APN is FREE to join and require NO purchase of products or services. You can remain a FREE Affiliate as long as you want. You will have limited advertising privileges and other account restrictions.

Affiliated Product Network (APN) Explained:

Once you become a Silver, Gold, Platinum or Diamond Affiliate you will be eligible to participate in our Revenue Sharing Program. The revenue earned as an APN Affiliate is from sales, numerous different ventures APN is involved in. APN owns several programs separate from APN and we encourage you to participate in those opportunities also. APN also participants in different programs and offers those partner programs to the affiliates of APN. All of the revenue generated from these sources goes directly into the APN revenue sharing.

We are an alternative to standard advertising venues offered both online and offline. Advertising is such an important element in getting eyes to your product or service. It is our desire to help you accomplish this in a way that will facilitate growth for your business. While you can generate earnings by participating in APN this should not be your main intention for joining. which also offers an advertising platform where its affiliates can advertise their own websites in exchange for viewing other affiliates advertising. APN offer website several kind of advertising such as webpage views, banner views and text ad views.

APN affiliates are allowed to purchase APN Advertising Points in the APN revenue sharing program as well as receive a Pro membership in the Solixta community for free which include extra exposure to the website they like to advertise.

Initially the sale of advertising packages count for a high percentage of the funds that flow into the revenue sharing program, however it is expected that this percentage will fall as the revenue on the other activities described above goes up through an increase in future marketing efforts.

Striving towards a long term stable revenue sharing program further diversification is planned.

An Affiliate must view at least 20 webpages 6 out of 7 days to qualify for possible Revenue Sharing. You decide which day you do not want to view pages.

The APN Advertising Points are valid for a maximum of 6 months or until the affiliate has received a cash rebate of 2 to 1, whatever comes first.

In case of technical problems, advertising campaigns are can be paused but will automatically resume again without loss of advertising credit. APN does not offer any kind of compensation in case of technical difficulties where on the part of APN or your personal ability to fulfill the requirements for possible Revenue Sharing for any given day.

APN should never be considered as an investment. APN IS NOT an investment. APN is a company selling educational products, tools for building an internet business and advertising spots.

We do not anticipate a situation where there is "no revenue to share” with the affiliates of APN, nothing is guaranteed. We can not realistically give any possibilities of what may happen in the future. What we do offer is a 2 to 1 ratio on the advertising spot purchases. If this benchmark has not been met in 6 months your spot will expire.

The goal of APN is to have a long standing product of value to offer its affiliates and would welcome you to our program. However; you must do your own research, and due diligence and determine if APN is for you. This is a decision only you can make. Should you decide to move forward with APN it is always important to realize nothing is ever guaranteed in life or business regardless of the decision you make.

Your Way To Success

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