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The S4PMultiIncome (S4PMI) Program has just Launched to the Internet. This is like no other program you have ever seen on the Internet. Not only can you Build a Good Income in the S4PMI Program, but you will also receive Free Entry, Upgrades, and Bonus Cash in other Solid Internet Business Opportunities.

YOU READ THAT CORRECTLY!! As an S4PMI member, you will pay nothing to Join these other Business Opportunities, get Free Upgrades and entries in these programs, get Bonus Cash each month, and receive downline Spillover from our Growth.

We are not going to waste your time giving you more Products and Resources, that you will probably not use. This is what most programs offer on the internet. We are going to help you Build an Income, because our Primary products are other Business Opportunities, which will generate you some Good Profit over time. Plus, our Compensation and Commission Benefits are second to none. Click here COMP PLAN to look at the Profit you can make as a S4PMI member.

Try Us For 15 Days For $1.00

Here are some examples of the Benefits you will receive as an S4PMI member:

1. All members are placed in the S4PMI 2 x 9 Forced matrix, with a strong Commission payout structure.
2. $4.00 Fast Start Bonus for referring other members.
3. Leadership Bonuses for members that show they can refer New members to the program.
4. Profit Sharing Bonus for all Upgraded members on a monthly basis.
5. Upgraded Membership in the S4PNetProfits program (S4PNP).
6. $7.95 Cash Bonus each month, to cover the Cost of your S4PNP membership.
7. Free entry and Position Purchase in the S4PPowerMatrix program the first month, and then every 3rd month thereafter. This normally would Cost $10.00 for each entry, but it is Free as an S4PMI member. Potential payout is 100% Profit on each entry.
8. Free entry in the Search4Profits program (S4P). This is a $10.00 monthly program, but you get it for Free, as an S4PMI member. The S4P Program has a lot of Resources, and an unlimited Income potential for its members.
9. Free Position in the Truth about Silver program (TAS), each 6 months your S4PMI account is active. This would normally Cost you $19.00 for each position, but you get it for Free as an S4PMI member.
10. Upgraded Membership in the Top3Percent program (T3P).
11. $5.00 Cash Bonus each month, to cover the Cost of your Top3Percent membership.
12. Solo email to all S4P Advertising Network members (currently over 12,000 and growing) each month. This alone is worth the cost of your S4PMI membership.
13. Unlimited Banner Impressions for all Upgraded members. You will be able to place your Banner, and it will continue to rotate, as long as you are an Upgraded member. You can edit the Banner any time you want. This is a Valuable Advertising Resource.
14. Other Products will also be added to the S4PMI members area.

The S4PMI program gives you the opportunity to make a Large Income on the internet. We believe this has so much potential for each member, that we want you to Try us for 15 Days for $1.00. Just join, look at the Bonuses and Cash back you will receive each month, and I think you will see how Good of a Deal this can be for you.

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