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Welcome to VIRTUOS
Let us introduce you to VIRTUOS - the future of computing and
you are invited to be a part of this revolution!

Welcome to VIRTUOS

We have posted an important news item ... please do check it out in our "What's New" section.

The site is now going into pre-launch and, the time schedule for worldwide release of the product suite is still end 2009.

The suite of products is:

Virtual Internet-based Real-Time Universal Operating System (VIRTUOS)
with a Development Compiler Language (DCL)
and a Digital-Analog Symbiotic Data Crypt Interchange protocol (DASDCI) built in.

Half finished now with the core components off the anvil, we are inviting all those who would want to own a piece of this product suite and its company.

To do so, you can us.
Later we will be allowing direct purchase of equity, check back often.
For all visitors, the section will have the WordPress-powered CMS.
For partners/investors, the non-public area of the VIRTUOS Site is available separately.

Frequently Asked Questions
Please know that we are absolutely dedicated to fighting Scams and we are not a scam. We are a product company and pay the inventors for their ideas and efforts using part of the funds we are generating here.
We are also committed to fulfilling our promises on the other pages of this site.
As you have seen, the returns on any payments will not be seen (if so desired) before 6 months - we just don't have the time or bandwidth to take each case of refund request as it comes.
That is another reason that each application will be scrutinized for authenticity. It is only thereafter that the entity will be included in the family.

We will do our best to answer your questions on these pages. However, if there are still queries that you may have, do use the contact us page ...

For more information, visit

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