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My Marketing Plus Gives You Easy To Use Online Marketing Applications That Will
Make You A Marketing Pro.

Plus We Have A Compensation Plan That
Will Make You Money!

MMP Marketing Applications

Professional Auto-Responder
You will be able to add your current contacts and be able to generate forms for your website to capture new leads. On top of the automatic emails you can send a broadcast to all the people in your auto-responder. You can add up to 25 campaigns and 100 messages per campaign.

Auto Submitter Pro
Submit your site or affiliate site to the major search engines, FFA's and classifieds sites. Set it once at the intervals you desire and it submits automatically. You will be emailed a detailed submission report. Submits to over 300,000 sites!

URL Rotator
Do you have several different sites that you own or are promoting? Start using our rotator for easy management of all your sites. Our system will allow you to use one url to promote different sites.

AdTracker is a comprehensive and powerful ad tracking system. AdTracker first analyzes your ads, links, joint ventures, etc... by precisely tracking every hit, sale, affiliate sign-up, opt-in list sign-up. It then shows you exactly where every hit came from, and then which hits resulted in a sale, new affiliate, or new subscriber to your opt-in list! You will then find which ads are making you the most money, and which ads are just barely surviving or even worse, losing money.

Traffic Now
Other sites charge $50.00 for 10,000 visitors to your site and the visitors are very low quality and produced by unscrupulous means. We will deliver visitors at the cost of $1.00 per 1,000 visitors. We will give you actual real visitors to your site or affiliate site at the absolute lowest price. Plus you can resell visitors to your clients at whatever price you choose. Your clients will be supplied with an anonymous login area to check their campaign statistics.

Site Uptime
Site Uptime is a ready to run uptime solution that monitors your web sites as well as POP3 email server, FTP protocols and all custom ports 24/7. You will get notified via email whenever a downtime occurs. This is a very useful tool. It's hard to make money when your site is down for any extended periods of time.

Safelist Submitter
Send your email advertisements safely to over 2.7 million people everyday! Millions of people just waiting to hear from you. Sound too good to be true? Well it's not. We offer instant daily access to one of the largest databases of legitimate email addresses available to online marketers today, and all of our recipients have double-opted in to receive marketing messages at one of our many partner sites. You can add graphics and much more with the HTML editor. You can type or copy and paste your email advertisement into the editor. There is a one time additional fee of $20.00 for a lifetime membership.

Guaranteed Signups Resellers Account
We have been given exclusive rights to offer our members a Ads2Life account that will enable you to purchase guaranteed signups at wholesale cost. You will be able to purchase guaranteed signups for your own site or affiliate site and resell signups at your own pricing. Your clients will buy from you and be given an anonymous login to check their campaign statistics. This is the main supplier of guaranteed signups on the net and they have the absolute lowest prices!

Real Time Surveyed Leads
These are real time surveyed leads and they are delivered to you within seconds after the person fills out the survey! These are the hottest leads available. We provide a variety of lead packages and price ranges. We supply real time generated, short form leads, local leads, national leads, gender leads, and many more types of leads.

You will have full control over your campaign. We provide you with our state-of-the-art, exclusive, LeadBackOffice system that gives you total control over the flow of your leads. You can pause your order at any time to suit your business needs and when you’re ready to receive leads again, you have the power to turn them back on! You may also view all of your leads information with the LeadBackOffice.

No Bad Leads Guarantee! If someone does give a bad phone number, mailing address or email address, then just let us know and the lead will be replaced.

Traffic Generator
Simple but very effective advertising! Join our traffic exchange and receive free traffic to your site(s). You will receive 100 credits after signing up as a free member. As a paid member you will receive 200 traffic credits per month. This is a manual exchange and your site will be viewed by our members.

Start Page Exchange
Set your browser start page to the start page exchange and you will view other members sites and in return they will view yours. You can add in our start page and keep your existing start page. You will get traffic credit every time you open your start page. You can even surf from the start page without logging in and build up traffic credits.

When you join you will be connected with some of today’s top marketing experts.
Plus there is a special section where you can offer your own marketing services and products.
You will be able to find free and discounted offers posted by our members!

We have reviewed and compiled the best online marketing software available. Learn from the experts with video tutorials! You will receive the best marketing software available, including auto site submitting software. We are always searching for the latest software and adding them into your member’s area.

We Never Stop Researching!
We are always looking for the best marketing utilities available and then we add them into your member’s area. We are here for the marketer. Please give us a call if you have a suggestion, question or a joint venture proposal.

GIVE US A CALL: 317-965-9086 9:00AM – 9:00PM Mon. – Sat. EST

You Can Join MMP For Only $50.00 Per Month!

MMP Compensation Plan

Would You Like To Earn 100's or Even 1000'sOf Dollars Every Month From The Comfort Of Your Home?

When you join My Marketing Plus you will position yourself to earn long term residual income with a company whose services are in demand. There are billions of websites! Individuals and businesses with websites want to market their website. You can offer our services worldwide and make plenty of income. You will be paid every month for your referrals and their referrals, five levels deep!

Our compensation plan pays out an amazing 80% over five levels. The best part is that you do not have to wait until all five levels are filled to be in profit. We have leveled the playing field and made it possible for everyone to earn monthly residual income. For every first level direct referral you will earn 70% of the membership fee. We call this our $35.00 Fast Start Cash. This means with just two direct referrals you are in profit and you are using all the marketing applications for free! Levels two through five each pay an additional 2.5%, for a total of 80%.

There Is No Limit On The Amount Of Direct Referrals
That You May Bring Into MMP!

Refer 10 paid members and
you will make $400.00 every month!

Refer 20 paid members and
you will make $800.00 every month!

Refer 50 paid members and
you will make $2000.00 every month!

Refer 100 paid members and
you will make $4000.00 every month!

Refer 500 paid members and
you will make $20,000.00 every month!

We Advertise For You!

That's right, we generate paid members for our current members.

We do not accept a new member unless they are referred by one of our current members. If someone does come to the main website address and signs up they will automatically be placed under a current paid member. The system will give everyone equal paid referrals. In other words, a different member is chosen each time someone signups up at MMP that does not have a referral. We have an aggressive advertising plan that includes online, newspaper, magazine and radio advertising. Now you can offer an in demand service with a compensation plan where everyone can make money.

You will have your own personalized, search engine friendly My Marketing Plus website to show potential members. You will also find banners and emails that have your MMP website embedded in them. In your members area you will be able to view detailed reports showing your referrals and your earnings.

My Marketing Plus is very easy to market. On top of all the marketing applications that My Marketing Plus offers, we will show you the best free online marketing venues. Just for example...

Traffic Exchanges are a great place to market your MMP business. Think about it! Everyone on traffic exchanges are promoting their site. Just show them MMP with the compensation plan and gain new referrals!

As soon as you join you will have immediate access to your members area, compensation plan and your My Marketing Plus personal website.

This is a real opportunity to make money online.

We offer real support.

Call Us: 317-965-9086

Email Us: [email protected]

We give you and your referrals all the marketing applications to be successful online! Our compensation program makes it easy for anyone to make money online! We even generate new paid members for you.

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