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Look at everything you get when you become a member:
You earn payments for all your direct referrals to this site.
You earn random payments when new members join THIS site.
You earn $0.20 commissions for every new site owner you refer.
All new members will receive LR head / tail game script.

Faq page

--=[Introduction]=-- Cash Randomizer is a unique way of investing your money and getting lifetime returns on your investment. After your registration process is over you get your own member area where you can check how many direct and random referrals you have, Money received from them, Advertise your banner and text ads for free, View statistics of your advertising, Promote tools and more...

--=[How it works]=-- 1. To Join Cash Randomizer you have to go to Join Now page, where you have to make 3 payments. Your payment goes to following members:

This way two members get paid when one member joins and so the process of members getting payments is fast.

2. After you make all the 3 payments you will be taken to registration page where you can complete your registration process and your account is created and is ready to be rotated for random payments by our script.

--=[Advertising]=-- You do not need to advertise your Member ID because we advertise it for you. However, if you have a good network of friends you can always refer them and get Cash Randomizer as a sponsor payment.

After you join Cash Randomizer you can advertise 5 banners(See Bottom) and 5 textads(On top) free for a lifetime. Real time statistics available for your advertising.

So you can advertise here free for a lifetime.

--=[Weights]=-- Weights increases your chance of getting more payments. Our script rotates your Member ID depending upon the number of weights you have in your account. When you register at cashmoneyhere randomizer you get one weight added to your account. You can increase your account weight from your member area.

Benefits you get after you join Randomizer

1.You can get sponsor and random payments when any new member joins Cash Randomizer.

2.You can advertise 5 banners and 5 textads free for a lifetime at Cash Randomizer.

3.You get one free weight when any new member joins Cash Randomizer using your promotion url.

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