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"Want An Easy $3,000 Paid Instantly To Your Alertpay Account?"

Read on to discover this incredibly simple system for generating Instant Autopilot Income paid straight to your Alertpay account every day!

No other program even compares to Instant Alertpay Funds - They're Not Even Close! Our program is easy to follow, proven and AFFORDABLE allowing anyone to create an income online.

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Instant AP Funds is designed to bring you a short and long term increase in your cash flow. With our incredibly successful instant pay system you can make a huge increase in your daily income. This method has been tested and proven by internet marketers everywhere.

If you have lost money in other crooked programs, then you are in luck. This one of a kind opportunity pays directly to you, there will be no middleman whatsoever. Payments are instant and made directly to your Alertpay accounts. NO MORE WAITING!

As all payments are made DIRECTLY TO YOU there can never be money owing to you, can never be any waiting for your earnings and never any chance of the admin running with your money!

A copy of Instant Alertpay Funds and a small amount of time is all it takes for you to start receiving instant $20 payments. Just like your sponsor Darin G. is doing!

When you join Instant Alertpay Funds for a sponsorship fee of $20 and a administration fee of $17, you will instantly receive a copy of this website (affiliate link) and access to the great selection of downloads inside.

Earn Instant $20 Alertpay Notifications Daily!

Add your premium or better Alertpay account e-mail address to this instant money system and you will become one of many sponsors who earn money every day with little to no effort!

The Virtual Cadillac Of Money Making Is Available To You Today.

If you are tired of crooked surf sites, hyips, doublers and other programs where you pay first and have to rely on the admin not to run with your cash then you have found the right program, you are purely and simply paid directly without your earning even passing through our hands. It really doesn't get any better than this!

No Sponsoring Required!
It is that EASY!

Simply click on the displayed payment button at the bottom of this page and pay your $20 sponsorship fee to the verified sponsor.

Once your payment is complete, you will be automatically redirected to the account creation page where you will complete the setup by paying the administration team $17.

Your account will be instantly activated and your id will start showing in rotation.

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