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MiKi Kard

MiKiKard pronounced as "My Key Card" is a concept membership of continuing income stream utilising the MIKIBOOK purchase and offering an easy cash & rewards program for all members whilst financially educating by monthly newsletters, downloads and presentations. Help budgeting and controlling spend in your family and even business MIKIKARD highlights the need to follow your cash flow.

MikiKard use a stored value card and e-wallet system to distribute accumulated cash and rewards to members via the ATM network world wide.

Easy transfer between cards to pay for goods and services through our program partners and redeem cash rewards at any ATM machine.

Members have access to low annual fees and transactions costs through volume discounts passed on to members world wide.

There is no need for a bank account or any pre-qualifications to purchase a MiKi stored value Kard.

Only the money that is loaded onto the card account can be spent, so the card can never be overdrawn and you'll never get charged the expensive overdraw fees.

Also, becoming a MiKiKard member entitles you to a unique card rewards program like no other.
Just imagine an EFTPOS card that makes you money!

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