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Please Don't Signup To Affiliate Program Before You Become A Golden Member

Get Paid to View Videos from Media Theater !
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Does Youtube or and and other Video Site pay you to watch Videos?

Upgrade Membership To A Golden Membership

Top Golden Members:

What is the benefits of a Golden Membership?

As a Golden Member your banner will be inserted under the video simply by requesting a video. This is a great way to have free advertisement. All Videos must be approved. Add links to your website for free. Blogs, Photos, Products you wish to advertise all for free. When someone signup under you as a Golden Membership you will receive 25% of revenue instantly to your paypal account.

Participate in making money from viewing Videos every week.

From Media Theater Video Site 5 videos will pay money to the member that chosen the right videos.$5.00 each . This makes payout to be $25.00 from the 5 videos. No limits on how many videos you find to be paid from. Golden Member will be paid the money to their paypal account. If right video has been chosen payout will be made instantly at end of week. New video with $5.00 starts over. With Golden membership growth videos payments will increase.

How To Find The Paying Video:

On the Video Site click on Cash Video play to view Video . Golden Members will have to find the [code 4450] The code will remain the same only the video will change. Golden Members will have to search the Videos categories. Be the first to post comment found code - name video post your paypal account email and the payment will be sent to you. Please post your payment proof click on comment and add you proof. This will prove Media Theater pays to view videos. Only Golden Members can choose paying videos per week.

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