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Hello and welcome to my website! My name is Natalia Hawthorne and I have been marketing and earning online since 2002.

Does this sound familiar: all you want is to find a way to earn an honest income online that would supplement your current income, improve your family’s financial well-being, perhaps pay for your kids’ education or add some freedom to your own retirement?

And yet anything you’ve tried so far left you with even less money than you started with in the first place, abandoned and lost, or worse - cheated… Or perhaps, just like me, you realized that if you followed the advice of some “online gurus” you would also have to learn how to lie and cheat and push on people’s buttons, for them to send you their money?

Perhaps you were even beginning to think that you were just "not cut out" for any business at all… Guess what – the problem was NOT you! What was it then? And more importantly, is there really a way for an "ordinary" person to start and run a profitable online business of your own? To find the answer check out the links on the left and read this information with an open mind. If you have any questions I would be happy to answer them. Email me any time: natalia "at" successhelper.com.

I also highly recommend that you get the FREE Internet Wealth Report below. The author of the Report is Dave Gray, a person who has changed my online experience from failure and frustration to success and excitement. I have known Dave since January 2005, and he has since become my best online friend and partner and a true Mentor. I wish Dave had written this Report when I was just beginning to explore the world of Internet business opportunities and naively believed every ad for every program I saw!

Please, do yourself a favor and get this informative and most revealing Report now! It's a MUST read if you are doing or planning to do anything on the Internet! Just fill in your first name and your email address and the Report will be emailed to you immediately (or click on the cover to learn more).

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