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    Default My Games Business -

    Are you ready to make some real money?

    Millions of people play games on the Internet. Millions more would like to join them.

    If you can help get them playing, you can earn money doing it.

    It all starts with free Game Bucks

    Sign up for an MVP Game License and you can print an unlimited number of your own personalized Game Bucks.

    Then get paid for giving them away. Everybody can play a game free by using your Free Game Bucks.

    Whenever people use your Game Bucks in tournaments, you earn 10% of all the money they spend.

    For example
    Let's say a new player takes one of your free Game Bucks and decides to spend $20 racing his high-octane stock car against other drivers in Redline Thunder Grand Prix. Or decides to tough it out in a world soccer championship. Or wants to compete for classy prizes in a hot golf tournament.

    Payoff: You get $2. And when that player joins another tournament, you get paid all over again.

    You can give Game Bucks to as many players as you like. Every time they spend, you earn. Some of our distributors have over 20,000 game players.

    This adds up to serious income.

    You can work at your game business part time or full time.

    How much you make is up to you--and all your cheering players.

    Earn even more: Build a Group Sales team

    Refer three or more people who also want MVP Game Licenses and your income can really take off.

    As soon as they sign up you start getting paid from our Group Sales Weekly Bonus Pool.

    Not only that, you KEEP getting paid again and again, every time they sell more games or licenses.

    You can soon find yourself collecting for sales up to 10 "generations" deep. (A generation is like a family tree of referrals.)


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    Latest update from the owner of the company.

    MyGameBusiness weekly bonus checks rose by over 1,000% this week over last week.

    People from all across the USA, Canada, and Europe joined MyGameBusiness this week.

    You can accumulate over $100,000 by the end of January, 2009 following the MAKE MONEY plan on the website. Some individuals have made over $5,000 in the first week..

    JOB #1 is to sponsor 3 people. The people you sponsor can be trained with the free training manual at the bottom of the MAKE MONEY page at MyGameBusiness. Well trained people are the foundation of your successful business.

    Send your good prospects to Make sure to use the link with your sponsor code.

    Next week we will add bowling to the games. You can check out a beta test version at The new Pool - Billiards game will be out in a few weeks.

    If you need help getting started call or email Donna Fisher at [email protected]
    This business is set to break all records in network marketing.

    Have a great weekend..

    Paul A. Schneider, President
    MVP Network, Inc.
    110 North Jefferson Street
    St. Louis, MO 63103
    Office Toll Free: 1-877-787-0070
    Office: 314-241-0070
    Fax: 314-241-1437
    email: [email protected]

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